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All That You Wanted To Know About Waitressing & Bartending Jobs

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2017-11-20

In recent times, there has been observed a significant increase in the number of people looking for Waitressing & Bartending Jobs at small and up-scale food and beverage establishments. The majority of these Hospitality Jobs are part time attracting more and more young job seekers and at the same time creating a situation of strong competition. Another reason why Waitressing & Bartending Jobs have become all the rage is the possibility of earning good amount of tips. On the whole, even as there is strong competition in this sector, young job seekers are interested in becoming Waitresses and Bartenders because of the jobs are well-paid and come with flexible working hours.
Below-Mentioned Are The Job Responsibilities, Work Areas And Eligibility Related To Waitressing & Bartending Jobs:
The Duties: Waitresses and Bartenders are required to politely cater to the customers or visitors. Some of their main duties are:
Welcome the customers, inform them regarding the daily specials, and provide them the menus
Confirm the identification of customers to make sure that they qualify the legal drinking age
Take orders from the customers
Pour the drinks and serve the ordered foodstuff
Clean the tables, bars, etc.
Maintain liquor and bar inventory
Manage the cash records and collect payments from the customers
Manage the functioning and maintain the order
Work Areas: Waitresses and Bartenders get to work in:
Full-service restaurants
Drinking places (particularly alcoholic beverages)
Social, civic, professional, and likewise organizations
Traveler lodging, mainly including hotels & motels
Other recreation and hospitality sectors
Becoming A Waitress Or Bartender: There are no specific qualification requirements, yet there are certain factors that can be really helpful in becoming a Waitress or Bartender. Have a look:
Short-term or long-term on-the-job training
Work experience of varied food & beverage establishments
Customer service skills
Decision-making capabilities
Communication skills
Stamina to work during odd hours
Passion and willingness to work in a team
Patience to deal with overly intoxicated customers
In the next 10 years to come, employment of waitresses and bartenders is estimated to grow by 9%. Similarly, the competition too is supposed to get even tougher. If you are looking for a full-fledged or even short-term career in this field of hospitality, take into account the above-mentioned information.

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