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  • Resume Posting Tips and Tricks

    | By: Admin |  Sep 01, 2022

    Bag your Dream Job with the most Unique ResumeYour qualifications are clearly communicated on an excellent resume, which also prepares you for career success. A resume is a formal document that provides a description of your educatio...
  • Didn't get the Job? Here's what you need to do

    | By: Palak Jain |  Jun 25, 2022

    How to get rid of jobless life?There are many Computer Operator Jobs in Surat available at the moment, but what do computer operators do? We wanted to take a minute and explain the differences between this kind of job and other c...
  • How Covid Changed The Quality of Job Seekers?

    | By: Palak Jain |  Mar 26, 2022

    Now if you ask me, has covid in general changed the quality of life? The very simple answer here would be a big yes. The quality of life has changed for humanity as a whole. No one has been spared from the cruelty of Covid and her ruth...
  • Is Work From Home The New Normal?

    | By: Palak Jain |  Feb 05, 2022

    The novel Coronavirus has changed everything overnight for everyone, the lockdown was enforced by the government and social distancing practise as the crucial WHO guideline became the new norm to be followed by everyone to lead a safe ...

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