Beware of Lotteries & Fake Online Job Offers

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It is rarely seen that someone says 'NO' to the money coming to them; no matter they deserve it not. Money holds the utmost importance in an individual's life. Getting more salary than the previous one, free schooling for the employee's children, free tickets to commute, online job opportunities and lotteries and many more attractive offers are often given to people to attract them. These offers often lead you to get into complicated matters. Earning money is good but running behind it often ends up in disastrous situations.

Scam and cyber crime, these are the terms which could be easily heard of nowadays. But as we all know money matters a lot, an individual who is well versed with these terms also gets trapped into such things. Giving any of your personal account details to an unidentified person might drag you into a problem.

How you are trapped in a Lottery scam?

A mail will be sent to you saying that your e-mail ID has been selected under International lottery scheme and you have won US$ 80,000 to claim the money you need to send your complete details along with your bank account number for transferring the money. So one should always be sure about the existence of people they are dealing with.

One is not able to distinguish these fake offers from the genuine ones reason being that these have their:

  • Bank accounts
  • Telephone numbers
  • E-mail IDs

Fake Job Offers

The growing rate of unemployment and urge for more and more money has lead people to increasingly participate in online job opportunities. Fake jobs are offered via e-mails to the people who have posted their resumes on the internet offering them a lot more salary than expected. And then they ask to draw a demand draft in favor of them for ticketing and rest of the bookings to be scheduled for a personal interview. Neither have you got the job nor the have to a face a 'Loss'

Precautionary steps.

Simple before filing the application:

  • Check the contact details
  • Verify the address of the company
  • Look for the testimonials and talk to the people who are listed there
  • Try and personally visit the office
  • Schedule an interview first and then think of giving money

Taking these steps will help you ensure a safe job offer.

Important Measures to Be Kept In Mind:

To sum up these are few points that need to be taken care of

  • Don't get excited about such job opportunities which offer much higher salary.
  • Don't rush for any
    lottery which gives you ample of money.
  • Don't provide your bank account number to any alien organization.
  • While dealing with any organization, which you have got to know via internet, you should always make sure that the company is registered.
  • Check whether the mail sent to you is genuine or not. Share on

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