Mistakes to Be Avoided On Your Resume

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Resume is nothing more than a couple of pages but coming to professional stream, it has great value attached to it. Resume is something, which will communicate your skills to the employer or interviewer before you are given a chance to do so. Resume, if written perfectly can help you grab the opportunity and makes you land on the job of your choice. Resume leaves your first impression on the reader and it is all in your hands to create a resume in such a way that would lead to a good impression of yours. One may be too good at interview skills but you will get that chance only if your resume speaks of something interesting and useful about you.

Making mistakes in resume writing is very common among job seekers and about which one should be very careful. So, below are some tips mentioned, which will help you avoid such mistakes and achieve success in getting hired by the company for which you dream of.

  • Apply For A Suitable Position:
    You should be very clear in your head about the job profile you are applying for. If it does not match your qualification, be sure of, that it will be rejected once the recruiter comes across your resume. So, apply for the positions matching your qualifications and capabilities.
  • Try Not To Address A Wrong Contact:
    If you are sending your resume to some organization, you should be very careful that your resume reaches in right hands. One should never forward your resume to such a person who doesn't deal in it. Sending your resume to wrong email address would mean that you have not well consulted the advertisement given by the company for the job and this may also lead to a situation where recruiter may never see your resume.
  • Don't Use Long Narratives:
    You should be aware of the fact that the person working in an organization would be coming across a number of resumes on everyday basis. No one would be having spare time to go through long and multiple-pages resumes. Therefore, it is best to keep it short and simple.
  • Avoid Acronyms:
    Acronyms are the abbreviations used in resume writing, which should be strictly avoided. These jumbled letters makes the recruiter uncomfortable to go through your resume and can even lead to misinterpretations. The best thing is to avoid acronyms and write them in expanded form.
  • Less Of Word Repetitions:
    Repetition of same words again and again can make your resume boring to go through. So it is up to you that would you like your resume to appear interesting to the recruiter so that he may willingly give you a call for interview or your resume to be thrown away in rubbish.
  • Attach Photographs, Only When Required:
    If ever you are asked to submit your resume by electronic means, be sure that your photograph should not be attached with it as it makes downloading uneasy, which may annoy the reader. In case where it is essential to attach a photograph, instead of using inappropriate pictures, use decent and formal ones.
  • Placing Links Of Your Personal Blogs Should Be Avoided:
    Although your online presence means a lot in today's communic
    ation era but until and unless you are applying for a writer's job, it is not at all required to provide links of your personal blogs etc. The fact is that the reader is not at all interested in your online presence.
  • Avoid giving any unrealistic information:
    Make it a point not to give any untruthful and unreliable fact in your resume. An experienced interviewer knows it well how to bring out the truth from interviewees' side. So its better not to get trapped in such a situation where you might feel embarrass. It is advised not to put up wrong information in your resume for which later on you'll have to bear its consequences. Therefore, the best thing is to keep it real.

Following all the above tips can help your resume not to be thrown away in the trash bin rather you can end up with a call for an interview. Your resume itself can assure your employer that you are the one they've been looking for as an employee of their company. Avoid such mistakes that can prove to be blunders in your way of getting a job. So, by writing a resume sensibly can lead you to the path of success.

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