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Tips to increase your chances of getting short-listed

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2020-10-29

registering with any of the job placement websites

All the candidates appearing for an interview expect of getting short-listed. However, to receive a call for an interview, one has to be very careful about a number of things if he/she wants to pave the successful path of getting a job of his/her choice. While registering with any of the job placement websites, the job seeker should follow eight prominent points that will help you in increasing your chances of getting short-listed.

  1. Updating Profile - Updating your profile on a regular basis is as essential as getting a job. One must be very careful towards updating one's profile at least once in a period of three months. An optimist person would have definitely learned to handle new responsibilities in a short interval of time, which one must not forget to add in the profile. Your recent achievements will attract the attention of the recruiter.
  2. Heading of the Resume - Your resume headline should contain your summary of experience mentioned in short and crisp words. A precise and understandable headline of your resume drives you towards the chance of being noticed by the recruiter.
  3. Mentioning Skills - Every person appearing for an interview possesses different skills, which are required to mention on a resume. The skills should be mentioned in an appropriate way as to highlight your unique professional strength. It is extremely important to cite the tasks you are proficient in.
  4. Filling the Profile - One should be very clear about filling of all relevant spaces in the profile to be registered. Giving relevant information regarding your skills, education etc. can make it possible for you to accomplish the task and win the challenge of being short-listed among all those who are seeking the same job.
  5. Accurate Contact Details - Recruiters many a time are trapped in a situation where they are not able to contact a person whose details are not appropriately mentioned on the profile. The mobile number, e-mail address or other contact details mentioned on the profile should be accurate that can help you grab the opportunity of being selected.
  6. Regularly Login - If you have made a profile on any of the job related websites, you should spare your time in logging in at regular intervals. As your last login details are available on the site, the recruiter can easily make out about your interest of getting a job and knows how actively you are looking for it.
  7. Resume Status - As we are regular and very fond of updating our status on other social networking sites, a similar treatment is required in updating your status at job related sites. Set your resume status active and updated with new relevant information.
  8. Addition of CV notes - To give a lively appearance to your resume, the best way is to add CV notes, which gives a glance of all the updated information related to your recent achievements etc.

Thus, following the above points will surely change your status from an unemployed to successfully employed.

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