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Sarkari Naukri, or a government job, is quite a common term in India. It’s popularity over the private sector jobs might be due the perks that come along with it. Although there has been a noticeable decrease in the number of people seeking jobs in the government sector, there are still quite a lot of government job aspirants in India. It is considered as an achievement to have a job in the government sector. There are various advantages of a government job. Higher posts in the government sector promises even better advantages.

Some people might as well go as far to say that the government is the best employer because of the facilities provided to it’s employees . Some of the various advantages of a government job are:

- Job security is undoubtedly the biggest reason why people want government jobs. If you get into any government job then you need not worry about losing it for the rest of your life, given that you do not take part in a punishable offence, your service is protected by the Constitution.

- Government jobs have a good salary. And to add the cherry on the top, government salaries are not delayed. In any circumstance, government job holders get their salaries every month without any delay unlike private sector where your salary might get delayed due to the profit drop for the company.

- If you are working in any industry except the army or the police force, you are more likely to have a relaxed life in government jobs. It is because of low work pressure and far better working conditions than in private sector.

- Many government jobs provide perks like housing facilities, lifetime healthcare facilities and many more. This is also one of the best advantages of government jobs.

- There is also a seniority based promotion system, hence, one doesn’t have to work to impress their boss for promotion.

- It is no denying that in this country, a person’s social acceptability increases after joining a government job. Especially people with positions like IAS or IPS have a different level of respect in the society. It is fairly easy to get marriage proposals if you have a government job.

However, getting a government job requires efforts and hard work because the competition is no joke. Mostly, for a government job in any field, one is at least required to clear an entrance exam and an interview. It may also carry according to the industry one wishes to apply into. Here are the entrance and qualification details of a few government jobs as an example:

Civil services: definitely the best paid job in the government sector and also the best government job in terms of the prestige that comes with it. To get any post like IAS, IPS or IFS etc. One needs to clear the UPSC entrance exam held every year after completing graduation from any course.

Government teacher, lecturer or professor: it is best suited if you want a lot of free time on your hand because it has the best work hours among others and it is again a well paid job. You have to clear the UGC NET Exams conducted every year during the months of June and December.

Defense services ( the army, navy etc): being in the army is considered one of the most prideful jobs in the country. But considering the extreme working conditions and training, this job is not suitable for everyone. There are various ways to enter the defense services. First, through entrance exams: NDA & NA exam (National Defense Academy & Naval Academy Exam), CDSE (Combined Defense Services Examination), AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) and EKT (Engineering knowledge test). Second, it to apply on the basis of advertisement, when published by the SSB and then clear the interview.

Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) jobs: jobs in co-operations like the GAIL ( Gas Authority of India Limited), BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electronic Limited), BSNL, MTNL etc also provide employees with numerous benefits and are also well paying jobs. One of the best thing about this job is that PSU employs on large scale every year through various entrance examination basis, thus getting in would be far more easier than compared to other exams, for example the UPSC entrance exam where the competition is too high.

Railway engineering: Railways is another government sector where students with engineering degrees can apply to. These posts also promise good facilities and we’ll paid jobs.

Bank Jobs: this one is a famous job among the other. The basic eligibility for these jobs is a degree from any field and some basic computer knowledge. The IBPS employs a large number of people every year for various government banks across India.

There are many online websites available to provide proper guidance to government job seekers in India. These sites provide every detail required about the process of getting a government job. Some even have online courses that one can refer to for better preparation. Share on

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