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It is usually agonizing for individuals who are searching for a job opportunity overseas. Some new dimensions emerge when you become all set to relocate to a different country. Applying/procuring the passport & visa, completing the paperwork etc., create a ruckus in the head. But when all procedures are completed, things become crystal clear. Every year, hundreds of people immigrate to different countries for sewing new opportunities in life. If you decide to take the plunge for earning the bread & butter abroad, the multicultural metropolis Singapore is the ideal place. Low taxation policies, safety, the minimal cost of living, and consistent growth in all sectors make it an exemplary choice for many people. Moreover, the people of Singapore are warm & welcoming to foreign professionals. You can easily find numerous job opportunities in Singapore due to the emergence of startups and MNCs. But wait, how’d you get started? Let us spill the beans and tell you the right ways.

1. Check Your Eligibility
Before you commence with an exhaustive search for a job in Singapore, make sure that you are eligible for working in Singapore. There are various types of work passes & permits that an individual needs to qualify for. However, such tests are not an accurate reflection of one’s eligibility. Such tests are conducted just to determine whether an applicant has relevant qualifications and job experience. Furthermore, it is essential for an individual to have a job in hand in his/her native country before he/she applies for a job in Singapore.

2. Study The Industry Before Choosing
The first stepping stone in finding a suitable job in Singapore is to understand the potential industry. The path for choosing a job gets smoother when an individual chooses the right career. There are innumerable industries in the market that are burgeoning at pace, whereas, some are constant. For example, the tourism industry of Singapore is scaling heights of success owing to the recently inaugurated luxury resorts and other tourist attractions.

3. Understand Some Common Employment Policies
Yes, that’s a must for securing an opportunity in any Singapore-based job industry. So, prior to committing to the work in Singapore, it becomes essential to review all prospective employment policies that may or may not be fit for you. The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore has a comprehensive list comprising all information related to salary, appraisal, holidays, incentives, hours of work etc. Going through the information will surely help an individual know the work culture of Singapore-based industries.

4. Meet A Placement Consultant/Firm
The placement firms also play a key role in connecting you with a suitable job opportunity overseas in Singapore. They have special teams that work over the CV and cover letter. Not only this, but applicants also get special grooming for facing and cracking interviews. There are many job portals like PlacementIndia.Com where applicants can search for the best placement consultants and find the right job opportunities. Job portals display the vacant situations in all industries of Singapore that allows applicants to connect with potential employers.

5. Prepare Yourself
Once you have applied for a job, you need to be prepared to face the interview. The interview process might take time, ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months. Now, this time suffices for the interview preparation. Singapore is a country that emphasizes on the proper qualifications and it directly points out towards the communication skills of the applicant, urbane attitude, and qualifications. Thus, leave no stone unturned for leaving an everlasting impression on the interviewer.

6. Apply for Work Visa
Receiving a job offer from any foreign company is not less than an accomplishment. However, it doesn’t put the final full stop in the hiring process. A company gives you a period of 5-6 days for examining the work and finalizing the decision for taking up the job or not. Being a multicultural country, Singapore is warm towards expats seeking visas. In order to obtain the visa, you should have the work permit in Singapore. After paying the registration fee, you can submit the application and receive the visa within 7 working days.
The following are the types of visas for working in Singapore. It is important to know what type of visa is yours.
Employment Pass- It is for all professionals for earning a minimum amount of 3300 Singapore Dollars.
EntrePass- EntrePass is for entrepreneurs who want to set up a business in Singapore.
S-Pass- The S-Pass is for the common visa type for expats. It is provided to all mid-tier working professionals who earn a minimum wage of 2200 Singapore Dollars.

Final Words…
Once the visa and currency exchanges are in order, you’re all set to relocate to Singapore. Congratulations on doing a great job! Being a multicultural nation, it is fairly effortless to adapt to the life of Singapore, especially when it comes to relocating for work in other Asian countries. Since a majority of the populace is fluent in English, there will be no linguistic barrier. So, start navigating the internet to join a stellar world of expats in Singapore.

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