6 Simple Actions That Will Make You a Leader at Work

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possess the desired qualities

"Do not be afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep. Be afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”
The quote written above holds true in every situation. A true leader has the capacity bring out the strongest qualities of the team and leverage these qualities to combat any situation. Being a leader in any field is a huge responsibility. It requires a clear vision of leading the team in the right direction and bringing out the best from each member by analyzing their qualities.

Just sitting on the seat of a leader doesn’t make you one unless you possess the desired qualities. A leader has the potential of bringing a change by empowering the people by setting an example that inspires the fellow mates. All in all, any person is not a born leader but it is their thoughts and behavior that make them one.

The position of a leader, in any team, has its own prestige that needs to be earned by an individual. Though everyone doesn’t have the charm to be a team leader, yet they can polish and fit themselves into that frame. Apart from the quality of an effective communication, there are many other aspects that define a team leader. Take a look.

Know Your Team, not only names

Knowing the team players should be the foremost task whenever a person is introduced to a new team. Talking to them beyond a formal introduction is an appreciable gesture. Such a gesture might make them think that they are valued more than a name on the company payroll. Taking out a few minutes and talking to them doesn’t cost much. Instead, this reduces the communication gap every time you talk. Let your team know that you are taking efforts in knowing an understanding them so that they also feel encouraged to do the same. Moreover, indulging into the recreational activities with the entire team will help in reducing the stress of the entire day.

Win Their Heart & Confidence, trigger emotions

Greeting, expressing gratitude, and apologizing are small gestures that can make big differences. Saying a ‘Thank you’ or ‘I appreciate it’ is so simple but only a few managers and leaders are able to do it. But expressing your gratitude, even for passing a pen or a document file, is regarded as a humble gesture. Instead of expecting a ‘Good morning’ from the team, wishing it to them first will sculpt a nice image of yours.

Lend A Helping Hand, be supportive

Never step back from helping the team players, especially while handling a new project. In the times of stress, talk to the team and try to know the weak points. Cementing the weak points make the foundation of the team sturdy and the team players confident. Play the role of a mentor whenever it is required because sharing the skills with others will enhance their knowledge.

Encourage The Creativity In Work, break the notions

A true leader never discourages his/her team. Efficiency shouldn’t be the sole motive. Creativity should be encouraged because each member in the entire team has his/her own flaws and capabilities. Instead of making the whole team think alike, encouraging their individual ideas might enhance their decision-making power and problem-solving capability. Allotting the team member with the work he/she can do better will improve the efficiency as well as productivity. All in all, leaders that encourage the individual creative aspect of their team are the leaders who inspire others to be successful.

Be Respectful Towards Others’ Opinion, be a leaner forever

There are instances in the workplace when your ideas might clash with the other team member. Instead of reinforcing your idea, maintain your calm and try to understand it from another person’s point of view. By doing this, you might find the right solution for countering such problems in the future.

Praise The Improvement, Even If It Is Minor

It is the truth that every team member wants to be appreciated for his/her contribution to the team. Whether it is a major contribution or a minor one, a true appraisal will surely do wonders in the performance of the team member. Thus, it is another sign that signifies the judging power in a successful team leader.

Becoming a good team leader isn’t a tough task. It just requires having a clear vision for the future, improving the qualities of the entire team, encouraging the team members, and helping them. Such small gestures lead an individual towards becoming an ideal team leader at the workplace.

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