5 Important Skills To Become An iOS Developer

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2018-07-05

iOS developer

According to a report issued by App Economy Forecasts 2015-2017, the demand for mobile developers is estimated to reach 5.5 million by the end of the year 2017. This record-setting number does include a number of students who develop toy apps for their assignments and projects. However, there still are more than 350,000 iOS developer accounts that were published on Apple’s App Store.

With leading companies in Silicon Valley offering an annual package as high as 1.2 crores, people have become more inclined towards pursuing this profession. Truth be told, it’s not just the high salary package that attracts so many people towards this profession, but there are many other perks of becoming an iOS developer. But as they say, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. So, you do need to have some amazing skills in order to create a mark in this field. Below we’ve mentioned some of the skills that’ll get you started right now.

Knowledge Of Objective-C

But of course, Objective-C is the most important skill that is required to become an iOS developer. Although Swift is all ready to take on Objective-C and become the programming language for Apple device, until that happens you need Objective-C to become a professional iOS developer. It is the primary language that Apple uses for its app development. This is superset of C language and is a must for all those aspiring to become iOS developers.

Become Swifter

Described as “Objective-C without C”, Swift is the programming language which was launched at the WWDC event in 2014. This much simpler and less complex programming language is all set to take on the earlier Objective-C language. You need to become Swifter and know the syntax and foundation framework along with various other things to become a professional iOS developer. Learning swift is very important to continue and create your mark in the iOS development business.

Core Data

How difficult it would become for people to use apps if every time they switched to another app, the entire existing data would have been erased. To avoid this bad situation, you need to know how to work on Core Data. It is one of the most important frameworks that help you keep your progress and data on an Apple device.

Swift Networking

Networking is very important for every developer. One can’t imagine having an app that is not linked to the internet for smooth and fast experience. Networking helps the apps to access data of the world using your web browser. As we know that Swift is taking on Objective-C, it becomes all the more important for you to learn swift networking. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of JSON or JavaScript Object Notation in order to perform this function properly.

Understanding iOS Philosophy

iOS philosophy may be listed in the end but it is definitely not the last in terms of importance. Anyone who aspires to become an iOS developer needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the working procedure of Apple devices. You need to know various things in order to become skilled in this profession. It can include the knowledge of building views, handling user interface and showing alerts.

These were some of the skills that are required to become an iOS developer. If you wish to pursue your career in the same, then you should also work on these skills and gain mastery over them to bag the best iOS developer job.

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