5 Hacks For A Killer Marketing Resume

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The marketing industry is a consistently burgeoning industry. With its turning phase, the youth is highly inclined and blah blah blah. We’ve heard a lot about marketing jobs, its perks & benefits, roles, and growth of an individual in the industry. Moreover, people talk about that getting into this industry is an effortless task. Surely, it is facile.

Ironically, the ones who know the techniques for selling/promoting a brand or service often find it hard to sell themselves on the paper. I’ve been into the marketing sphere for quite a long time and seen many marketing professionals with a cold resume. If you’re all set to land into the marketing job but suspect something cold in your resume, do not worry because here I reveal the secret for a killer resume that will never go unnoticed.

Tips For Standout Marketing Resume

The tips I’m listing below will surely generate phone-calls and interview sessions for all those seeking marketing jobs in the industry.

1. Understand The Target
As a marketing aficionado (and former marketer) I would never opt for commencing a campaign without understanding my target audience. A campaign succeeds only when you understand your goals. Marketing job seekers should apply the same to their resumes. That becomes easier for the job seeker to convey the exact message! So, before you jot down your skills and qualifications, I suggest asking yourself questions like is it digital marketing or will it require inbound & outbound calling? The company to which you’re applying is of what size? Is it nimble & entrepreneurial or complex & bureaucratic? What will be your job responsibilities and how will your performance be measured?

2. Your Resume & Skill Set
Remember that everyone is born with a unique skill-set. Every marketer in the industry of marketing possesses different skills, whether it is the digital marketing segment or traditional marketing segment. As an expert, I’ve reviewed umpteen resumes for marketing jobs. The cold resumes lacked one thing in common i.e. clarity of communication. I personally feel that your resume not only represents you on the professional front but also speaks about what you are offering to the client. Therefore, always mention your key skills so that they do not go unnoticed. Speaking on a professional note, I would advise marketing job aspirants to keep their actual skill-set in the resume instead of bragging about not-so-required achievements during primary school years. It will leave an impact for sure.

3. Bullet Points Make An Impact
Recruiters do not spend more than 15-20 seconds on a resume. Many people disagree to it but that’s the truth. Being a marketing professional, I’ve recruited candidates as well in my career. Owing to a busy schedule, it becomes a tough job to give even a one-minute read. So, my suggestion is in order to prove your worth, highlight key things in bullets. A potential employer won’t consider long bio first, but he/she will bat an eye on your past employment experience and marketing skills.

4. The Game of Keywords
Even this write-up includes specific keywords and I’m sure that it appeared under one the keywords you searched in the search bar. A majority of companies and recruitment firms in India & abroad head hunt candidates via an automated system. It works by scanning the resume and catching the keywords inserted. I have guided many aspirants to redesign their resume and insert keywords, which means they should be scattered uniformly. If in a dilemma, you can scroll through the internet and pull-out some examples.

5. Hiring Managers Look Out For These Things
That day I was discussing with a peer about what all they look in a resume before roping in candidates for marketing jobs. They shared some surprising things that I’m sharing down with you all.

  • Length

Keep it a single-page resume. It can bleed in to the second page if the candidate is searching for an internship. If recruiters like your resume, they’ll read it else, next please.

  • Formatting

Speaking to the hiring managers in marketing jobs industry, they prefer the classic style of the resume instead of blingy infographics. Creative resumes can be hard to comprehend and can delay your chance of placement.

  • Employment Tenure

Here’s the red flag for job hoppers that do not work with a company for more than 6 months. Job hopping and long gaps can take a toll on your next employment. My word of advice to you is to try to remain on a job, at least, for a year or two.

Final Words
As a former marketer, I understand the struggle for getting into this lucrative industry. However, it has changed a lot over the years. You, being a marketing aspirant, have the talent that marketers possess. By applying the tips listed above, carving out space in the marketing industry will be an effortless task for you.

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