4 Tips to Make Your First Job Success

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting | Last Updated: 2018-07-09

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So, your studies are over and you want to step into a new phase of your life, that is, into your first real job, What you have learned in your school or college will not apply in a company. Your first job will highly influence your future career prospects. There are different rules, principles and ethics that are applied in a professional work setting. There is a huge difference between being a student and an employee. In a company, you would not be spoon-fed like you were in a school or college. Here, you will have to be responsible for yourself and your actions. No one will spoon-feed you and tell you what to do. You should be well-aware of all your duties and responsibilities. We will provide you with some important pointers that will help you make a good impression on your employers and colleagues.

  • Listen And Discern- It is better to listen and observe quietly rather than voicing out your opinions without thinking through. If you don't like the workings of your company, then it is better to just let it be. Your suggestions and opinions might get a negative reaction because you don't know the correct workings of a company and your opinions might be considered interference. Listening to everyone and observing your work environment will help you learn.
  • Behave Maturely- Behaving in a college or school is very different from how you should behave in an office environment. Be on your best behavior in an office. There are several office ethics that you need to keep in mind. Talk politely with everyone and do not argue to prove a point.
  • Avoid Notorious Company- Stay away from troublemakers from work. Troublemakers are those who always try to create trouble between employees and later refuse to take responsibility for their actions. It is best to have a diplomatic relationship with such people as they can prove to be hindrances in your path to success.
  • Keep Yourself Informed- Though you should not participate in the office gossip, it is beneficial to keep a tab on what's going around. Stay away from the gossip mongers, especially if you are new in the office, as it can greatly damage your reputation in the eyes of your seniors.

Keep in mind that in a company, your only friend is yourself. Keep your thoughts to yourself and listen to everyone and behave in a polite and diplomatic manner.

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