Turning Negative Feedback into Positive Results

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2017-11-15

The old adage sums it all-"Client is king". The businesses with apparently an apathetic attitude towards clients' grievances are destined to doom, sooner or later. Indifference or failure to address Customer Complaints not only has commercial ramifications but also causes irreparable dents in the reputation of the organization. But the picture can be entirely different, provided the right steps are taken at the right time. PlacementIndia: Setting Exemplary Standards
PlacementIndia, one of India's leading Online Placement Portals, in the recent past, faced a few similar issues. A few of our customers expressed certain degree of dissatisfaction with the services they availed from us. Now today, because internet presents countless forums to post Reviews and Complaints, PlacementIndia too bore the brunt of it. However, this to an extent brought a completely new outlook to the way we serve our clients. We were ready to swallow the bitter pill and in turning negative feedback into positive results.
Turning The Tide
When we, PlacementIndia received Complaints and a few critical reviews of our services, there were two options before us; either to be complacent and ignore what a quantitatively miniscule section of our clientele-base was concerned about or to gear up with better ways to satisfy that section. We chose the difficult yet right path of the two, and we take pride in that.
We set up a dedicated organizational framework that could look into such Online Complaints and analyze them on their merits.
Our action plan kicked off by providing easy accessibility to the customers raising even the smallest of issues.
Experts scrutinized the flaws from our end and made sure that the client's concerns were addressed promptly and fairly.
Even today, we adopt the same model, and as a result, the number of Online Complaints against PlacementIndia has been minimized to a significant extent. With such an efficient and effective model of addressing clients' Complaints, we leave no scope for any negative feedback to do circles in the internet space. This is a big achievement not only for the organization but also for the clients who vest their faith in us.

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