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Recruitment sites

The advent of the internet emerged as a boon for the whole recruiting process. Earlier the whole process was done either in print i.e.; newspapers, pamphlets etc. or through public hiring agencies but now it is much easier to locate the candidates for the right profile or get a desired job. Many social networking sites are also joining this trend to make the process much easier. Recruitment sites are also emerging as successful search stations for the job seekers and recruiters. Apart from campus recruitments, recruiting through these sites is much easier. They are more relied upon than any other mode of recruitments as they maintain a huge database of the job seekers for future reference.

But recruiters may sometimes face some difficulties selecting the right's candidates for the appropriate profile. Again, the question of how to start also arises. Given are few tips for the recruiters to help them make a better selection.

Two Basic Processes For Selection

There are two basic processes. One is to scan through the resumes posted in the sites and the other is to post your on requirements and then wait for the responses of the job seekers. However, the second option is mostly opted by the companies or the recruiters as it is more specific and controllable. It is also hassle-free as only those candidates apply who are experts in the concerned area.

Tips For The Recruiters For Making Better Selection

  • It has to be crisp and precise- Being more specific helps the job seekers to understand the required profile and then apply for the posts as per the requirement.
  • The language should be user- friendly to help the job seekers understand the exact job profile. Too much decorative language may be confusing for the readers.
  • The bulleted style of information is more attractive and eye-catchy.
  • The basic fields such as-Job description, location of work, minimum qualification, qualities, experience required, salary offered etc. A brief company profile must be given as well for a better link between the job seeker and the recruiter.
  • Job posting dates and the contact details are also to be mentioned for better responses. Ensure to reply to the responses. These are very necessary as the candidate would be counting on you for your reply.
  • Ensure to remove the jobs once the posts are filled in the specific areas. If these are not removed then a confusion occurs as candidates may still keep on applying for the same post.
  • Huge posting of job requirements are also a concern and manually posting each requirement takes a lot of time. To avoid such complications try using popular and hassle-free sites which offer bulk space and also allow alternative ways of a job posting.

With these few important tips, it will be easier for the recruiting agencies or firms to improve their methods or ways of a selection process. A more specific and accurate approach will also help the job seekers to find their dream jobs, thus reducing confusion in the selection process. Share on

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