10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Make

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2010-01-13

When a well-settled professional plans to switch his job, what do you think are the reactions of the people around? They discourage you, believe that you have gone out of your wits and offer you all kinds of taunting statements. But if you have an apt reason for moving to another job then these retorts should not actually matter to you. There are various reasons because of which a person decides to switch his job, the most common being that the skills that he/she is endowed with are not coming in use in his current job. He/she might feel uncomfortable due to this reason and thus such a situation demands an immediate job change.

These circumstances are very common in the current scenario as the present generation is multitalented and multitasking and have a dynamic attitude. They are very organized people but don't you think they still many mistakes that hamper their professional graph? Yes they do, we are laying down some common mistakes that one should never make while changing career.

Never search for a job in a field other than yours without giving it complete introspection.

Never heed for "hot" or known fields unless they're fit for you.

Never choose any field just because your friend is making good profits in it.

Never stick to set possibilities that you already know about, explore more job profiles and try carry out some self-assessment exercises.

Never bring money in between and assure that it should not be the only deciding factor.

Never hesitate from going back to school i.e. you can always take up new degree or diploma in order to enhance your skills.

le="Placement India" src="https://dynamic.placementindia.com/blog_images/2010/01/icon_status_info_24.gif" alt="" width="16" height="16" />Never let your discontentment disturb you rather speak to close ones in order to get some inspirational advice.

Carefully select the search firms or placement agencies.

Never thing of going to a career transitions agency or a career counselor believing that they will guide you the ideal field to enter.

Never expect a job change overnight, patience is required while completely switching your career.

If a candidate who is preparing for a job change goes thorough these points he/she will get a clear idea of what to look out for and what not to. Following these guidelines and ensuring that none of these above mentioned mistakes are committed will land the candidate in a safe and lucrative career.

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