Workstation Etiquettes That You Must Follow

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Work Place Tips | Last Updated: 2011-02-07

Work place becomes other home for people working 24x7 for five or six days a week. The desktop, notepad, pens and the chair becomes an important part of the life. It is very natural that an individual will keep his workstation just the way he/she keeps his home. Comfort is necessary when you have to continuously work for stressful hours. Not achieving that comfort level can lead to various health as well as mental problems.

So, it becomes important to stay at ease at your workplace but all should be done following proper office etiquettes. With the going corporate trend, you have to share your work area with others so it is important that you be in your limits. Here, we provide you with certain important work ethics that you need to follow while at your workstation.

? Listening to music offers relaxation so mostly working people tune in to some music while working. What becomes essential is to keep your music to yourself and not disturb others sitting next to you. Lower the volume and ask your neighbor if he is alright with that.

? Leaving your workstation for a long stretch of time without informing the neighbors can cause chaos. So, whenever you have to go out of the workstation, make sure your neighbors are aware of it.

? After eating anything, make sure you clean the desk.

? The extension that has been provided to you is not your personal phone. People start chatting up on it, which greatly hampers the work atmosphere. So, avoid it and use it only for official work.

? Whenever you speak to someone on mobile phone, keep your volume low.

? Ensure that the mobile phone is on silent or vibration mode. Loud ringtones can disturb the neighbors.

? If you are sharing a cabinet or drawer, ensure that it is kept clean and arranged in an organized manner.

Following these aforementioned basic etiquettes can help you work-your-way without creating problems for your colleagues. So, stay happy, work comfortably and let your neighbors in the office be at peace.

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