Workplace Discipline: The Most Effective Steps

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Work Place Tips | Last Updated: 2011-01-31

Workplace Discipline has so many aspects associated with it and many companies are realizing the effects of this factor on the employee performance as well as retention. It is something that's often taken for granted by employees and needs to be handled with utmost caution at every level. While maintaining the perfect balance by being a strict manager while allowing some leniency sounds difficult, it is very important nevertheless. But then management is all about organizing the right way, isn't it? With this write-up you will come to know how to tread the thin line between maintaining discipline and keeping employees happy.

Be Strict But Not Hostile

While stating your displeasure for certain unwanted activities and laying out rules, you have to maintain the right balance and not come off as someone who wants to curb the freedom of employees. That way they tend to look for other opportunities even if they are placed at a good position.

Frame Guidelines Based On Facts

While creating disciplinary policies, research well on acceptable behavior along with considering the factors like-

  • Average age group at the office
  • The workplace environment
  • The scenario at firms that are known for higher retention rates

Set An Example

Just like parents have to act the way they want their children to behave, you have to do the same for your subordinates. For e.g. if you want them to avoid making long personal calls, shouting at others or arriving late at work-you need to be a role model and reflect positive actions. While punishment for wrong behavior may a bit harsh at times, you can start by rewarding good behavior.

Handle Issues Professionally

Back your warnings or disciplinary statements with written proof. That way you can never be accused of saying something unjust and can avoid hearing that the employee was not aware of a certain detail. You can issue letter of warning and suspension and even termination but in no way can you deny them their basic rights as a punishment.

Keep the channels of communication open to avoid frustration from creeping in the office environment. Remember, what may seem like an innocuous act today may be copied by others tomorrow, so don't leave any loophole in your policies. Do not enforce any unjust rule on employees; you need to earn their appreciation as a good leader who wants to protect the organizational environment. This way you can even avoid any kind of untoward legal hassles as well. Share on

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