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Why and How Soft Skills are essential to become a successful Placement Consultant

By: Admin | In: Recruiter Mantra | Last Updated: 2018-07-11

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Being a placement consultant, one has to bridge the gap between the organizations and the job seekers. They analyze the manpower need of the company and fetch the best talent from the talent pool. They also screen the candidates, train them, interview them, and perform a number of other tasks to ensure that they find candidates possessing all the specific skills required by the organization. Not just that, they also offer their assistance to organizations in executive search for c-level posts like managers, heads etc. The technical and tangible hard skills like professional experience, qualification are not enough for a placement consultant to successfully perform all these tasks. They require a right blend of hard and soft skills to gain success. In fact, it is the intangible and non-technical soft skills that make an adequate consultant an ideal one for closing more job vacancies in minimum duration. These soft skills help the consultants fetch the right talent, build strong relations with organizations, effectively screen candidates, and gain success as a consultancy.

Softs Skills Required In A Consultant

Apart from the qualification and experience, there are a number of soft skills that go into the making of a successful placement consultant. Here are a some of the soft skills that are required in a placement consultant.

  • Communication skills: Being a consultant, one of the most important soft skills one requires is communication skills. Effective communication is the key to analyzing the problems and queries of the clients in order to provide an apt solution for the same. In case of a placement consultant, good communication skills can help the business find the desired manpower in a short time.

  • Negotiation Skills: The success of a consultant largely depends on his/her ability to negotiate effectively with the clients. They have to negotiate with their clients and their prospective customers to lead them to a win-win situation. A placement consultant needs to analyze the requirements of the client company and match these needs with those of job seekers’. It is the job of the placement consultant to negotiate different terms like salary, experience, timing, etc., with both the company and the candidates they find to come to a peaceful conclusion.

  • Questioning Skills: Another important soft skill that the placement consultants need to have is questioning skill. The placement consultants need to have the skill set to ask the right question to the candidate on the other end to analyze the personality and suitability for the job opening in the client company. Questioning skills enable the consultant to fetch all the right information from the candidates and assess their candidature better.

  • Decision-Making Skills: A placement consultant needs to have decision-making skills to judge the candidature of the job seekers and find the best profile for the company. They should be able to make decisions after scrutinizing the candidate profile on various parameters in time. They should have the skills to identify different things and make quick decisions without any lag. They need to avoid bad decision or leaving any decision to chance and assess all the alternative results before making any decision regarding selecting the candidate for any job profile.

  • Problem-Solving skills: A placement consultant has to be in touch with candidates and understand their profiles to find the best candidate for the client requirement. While doing so, they can come across a number of problems that might act as a roadblock to closing the job opening. The consultant should have the skills to analyze the problems and find an effective solution for the same in a short time.

  • Strategic & Logical Thinking Skills: The placement consultants need to be a strategic and logical thinker to fill any job vacancy in the company. They should be able to think about both the short-term and the long-term implications of the decisions they make and how these decisions can affect the working of another corporation. They should use knowledge combined with strategic planning to find, attract, screen, and interview candidates while keeping the main goal of the company in mind.

It is important for any placement consultant to develop all these soft skills. Whether they are reckoned placement consultants in Pune or any other city in India, they need to have the aforementioned soft skills to stay competitive. These soft skills would enhance the capability of the consultants to find quality candidates precisely according to the requirements of the company that has taken their services. Not just that, these skills also enable the consultants to build stronger relations with the companies as well as the candidates. A lack of soft skills, on the other hand, can limit the potential of the placement consultant and hold them from gaining success as a consultancy.

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