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What are the things that you should do before applying for a Fresher Job?

By: Palak Jain | In: Job Apply | Last Updated: 2020-03-18

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Now that you’ve even announced your completion of graduation on your social media, it’s time for the subsequent venture – finding employment as a fresher. You’ve got tons of companies in mind, and you contacted a couple of them. You’re doing everything right but there’s one thing coming within the way of landing fresher jobs – ‘fresher with one-year experience’. For each posting of fresher-specific job role, employers find you wanting someone with a touch experience anyway.

So, how does one overcome this paradox of an ‘experienced fresher’?
It is not an impossible feat, and you'll take certain steps to urge employment with none prior professional experience. Here are some recommendations on the way to get employment as a fresher.

Take a Break
Yes, you heard it right. Take a break and give yourself some time and unwind yourself from the recent sleepless night that you have spent before your exams. This is an essential thing to be done by you before you start looking for new jobs. This is important because you need to have a refreshed and fully rested mind and body before you prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges and challenges that you are going to face in your fresher jobs.

Make a List of Your Strengths
Focus on what abilities you have recognised in yourself over your academic years. Write down an inventory of sentimental skills or personal traits that you simply see in yourself. It might be anything like the power to speak, verbally or through writing, or the skill to steer a gaggle project. These are reflected in your resume because the skills needed to figure during a professional environment, as a private professional also as a team member.

Take Help to Make Your Resume
Sometimes, trying to dig out your goal and skills are often quite confusing, and more for somebody trying to seem for jobs as a fresher. This is often where your close friends or family can help. Ask them to inform you what they see as your strong points and your weaknesses. You’ll be surprised to ascertain yourself from their perspective and determine more about you than you thought you knew.
Make things easier for you on the first go so that you are confident and that you get selected after the board of directors or the interviewer takes a glance at your resume. Try to keep it simple and put points that can impress.

Look For Online Fresher Jobs
You can also get professional services for building your resume, from online job boards and portals where you'll register yourself. These platforms allow you to look for the roles you're trying to find, filtering searches by posting date, experience, role, industry and site.
You’ll have your resume and profile boosted for better search results among recruiters, learn tips and tricks to enhance your interview skills, and obtain advice specific to industries and roles, and even other aspects of the professional lifestyle.

Use Your Networking Skills
Living within the age of the web and social media, it's imperative to possess a network online. While professional networking sites like LinkedIn are purely meant for career-oriented connections, even your social networking platforms have dedicated groups and pages for you to attach with people for professional opportunities.

Organisations give employee referrals more preference than you would possibly think. And more often than not, employees get a referral bonus too. So, don’t recoil from approaching a lover or friend’s friend, for you would possibly actually be providing them with an unexpected bonus.

These were all about encompassing and making you ready before you go and join for a new job.

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