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What Are The Factors That Negatively Affect Performance At The Workplace

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Work Place Tips | Last Updated: 2018-07-12


Employees are considered as the major strength of an organization. The way they think and the things that they go through affect their performance at the workplace. Nevertheless, employer expects the employees to perform well and this is what they are after all paid for. But at the same time, the employers must try to find and eradicate the factors that negatively affect the performance of their employees.

The Work Environment: Many of the employers might consider the environment of the workplace okay, but at times too hot, too cold, inadequately ventilated or poorly lit work area can affect the performance of the employees unexpectedly. Also, employees often fail to perform up to their potential when the devices at the workplace persistently break down, the software is outdated, or computers are relatively slow. These factors make the personnel feel undervalued and consequently, they can't work productively. It must be ensured by the employers that the investment in maintaining atmosphere as well as creating infrastructure at the office is thoughtfully up to the mark.

Problems Related To Co-Workers: The mutual atmosphere at the workplace greatly affects the work performance of the employees. If the employees in the office talk less, are excessively competitive or have cold vibes for each other, the teamwork is bound to turn out as futile. On the other hand, studies have revealed that the companionship among the employees leads to better overall performance. Employers must ensure that there are no office gossips that not only waste a lot of time, but also create unconstructive working atmosphere.

Job Responsibilities And Skills: Of course, every organization tries its best to recruit the employees who are best suited for the specified positions, but at times the right match is lacking. The talent and experience of the selected candidate might not be adequate or the way of his or her working does not go well with the beliefs and policies of the organization. Employers must avoid such situations and should have provision for complete training, assistance and appraisal to foster high performance among the employees.

Personal Problems: To a large extent, the personal issues of the employees also have an effect on their performance at the workplace. The employers might not be able to do much in this aspect, but can always co-operate by giving some time to the employees to get out of the issues. Factors affecting the performance of the employees at the workplace may vary and can be many. However, the collaborative efforts of employers and employees can be very effective to get over them.

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