Top Job Search Strategies for your Career

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Planning | Last Updated: 2018-08-29

Top Job Search Strategies for your Career

Being stable in a job for years together is a reflection of your consistent performance and loyalty for your company. Some people believe that career transition might pose a threat to their career. Especially in times of recession, job insecurity is prevalent. A career transition can be forced as well as self-willed; it can make your life go topsy-turvy.

Need of the hour- a job search strategy plan

Having a well-organized job search strategy plan could help you find a suitable job. Internet is flooded with various placement portals and company databases that assist you in searching a job. But without a strategic plan, these appear as a complicated mesh.

You must be wondering what can you do re-brand and re-position yourself in the job market? We provide you with some useful strategies that can be used in order to re-establish yourselves and acquire an appropriate job.

Identify Your Target area :- You must examine yourself, your job target and your abilities before framing your Resume. Ask few questions to yourself Whether you want to continue in the same field? Whether you want just a lateral movement? Are you pursuing your dream job?

Emerge out as a Personal Brand : - In today's world it has become necessary to be a brand. If you are unable to recognize your potential or in simpler words your USP (unique value proposition), the job search that you are making is a failure. So, the first and foremost thing that you should do:

  • Is to know why a company should hire you?
  • List your achievements.
  • List out things that make you a cost-effective employee

Frame an Achievement-Focused Resume :- Have a well-organized and formatted Resume. It should be precise, carrying all the relevant information related to your education and career. You can use the following formula: S-ituation T-ask A-ction R-esults This is a 100% tested formula and will lead your way to success.

Have a Portfolio :- The world is advancing at a lighting fast speed and so are the trends in the job market. A resume is no more a sufficient tool to earn you a job, a well made portfolio can take you places.

A portfolio carries your :- Resume Career biography Accomplishment summary Cover letters A portfolio is made for both the employers and the job seekers. Uploading your portfolio on the web space lets the recruiters search you easily.

Expand Your Contacts and Networks :- Joining different committees, networks and forums related to your profession. Also, join so cial networking sites like Facebook, Ziggs, etc. These could help you acquire a wider exposure and let more and more people know you and your skills.

Optimize the Online Job Search :- While searching online, optimize your search. Sign up with focused online job boards that lay focus on specific fields, job function, etc. This will give you an edge over others competing with you for jobs.

Thus our tips shall let you plan your job search strategies in a better way and your career transition will turn out to be productive. Share on

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