Tips to Create and Upload a Resume Online

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Digitalization is on full swing and recruitment industry is also gearing up to squeeze the full potential of digitalized processes. With the maximum job search being online, nowadays recruiters and job seekers are adopting digital ways to fulfill their requirements. Job seekers have already synced themselves with searching for jobs online by registering on job portals and applying online for the vacancies posted there. Now a little newer trend that digitalization has created in recruitment sector is Online Resume. Now a simple Curriculum Vitae isn’t enough if it doesn’t work well with the web. A job seeker has to understand that many rounds of CV Writing & Editing or getting help from Professional Resume Writers won’t help if you lack with the expertise to create an online resume and upload a resume online. So here we are with all those fine points which a job seeker should read and understand to Create and Upload a Resume Online:

Creating A Resume Online

With the advancement in technology, online placement portals have embraced the concept of resume builders that allows the job seekers to create a rich and impressive resume online. An online resume builder allows you to create a resume step-by-step and then format it in the end. While creating a resume online, here are some of the tips you can follow:

  • Make sure that you have created your resume in all formats like RTF, PDF, TXT, and HTML. This would ensure that no matter what browser the potential employer opens your resume in, it stays formatted.

  • Don’t forget to save and download the resumes that you create online so that you can easily use them for other job applications as well.

  • Save a version of your online resume on your desktop and edit it before sending it out to any job seeker.

  • Your resume would be posted publicly on the portal so make sure what details you want to add while creating your resume online.

Uploading A Resume Online

A number of online placement sites have come up that allows you to create and even upload your resume to boost your chances of getting a callback. There are a number of reasons and stages of job search that require a different strategy for uploading the resume online so that you get shortlisted for the job. Whether you have taken a professional resume writing service or are planning to write your resume yourself, uploading it online requires utmost care. Here are some tips you can follow while uploading your resume online:

  • Make sure to read what format or file type the resume can be opened in to ascertain that the employer is able to open the resume without any hassle.

  • Check the formatting of the resume through the preview option to make sure it has not changed during the upload. Any extra gap, change in font style, or inconsistent formatting can make your resume look less professional.

  • In case you are asked to copy the resume in the text box to upload it online, make sure to check the format of the resume before uploading.

  • When you have to upload a resume, check the file formatting and make sure to tailor the achievement, experience, title, etc., to be in sync with the job that you are uploading the resume for.

The technology is adding power to the hiring industry. Nowadays people are also making an exclusive online resume which can be accessed through a URL, just like a web page. On such a resume, you can post interactive resumes as well or can add visuals to make infographic resume. However still many recruiters appreciate traditional resumes, so be wise and choose your way of application in the sync of the company you are applying for. Share on
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  • Creating your resume to get a job isn't that easy. You will have to learn the ideal formats that attract the employers. Thanks for the wonderful post! It will help us a lot.


  • Technology is playing a crucial role in these days when it comes to the online world. Creating and uploading a resume is one of them. However, it needs a lot of skills to understand the key elements behind a successful presentation. Thanks!


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