Job Consultancies Bridge The Gap Between Job Seekers And Employers

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Placement Solutions | Last Updated: 2017-11-27

Even as the population of skilled workers increased and so did the setting up of businesses, the increase was happening in a disarrayed fashion. Placement Cells (wherever one existed) of educational institutes were frantically trying to find the organizations where the students could be placed. The employers on the other hand were also bending over backwards to fill the vacancies. It is in this situation that the Job Consultancies came in and by providing Recruitment Solutions, lessened the burden of both the Job Seekers and the Employers. Nowadays, most employers prefer to hire the Job Consultancies to meet their recruitment demands.
Screening through the thousands of resumes to find the most suitable Job Seeker is not an easy task and requires dedicated efforts. The Job Consultancies screen out the relevant resumes from the Job Portals and hold the initial interviews over the telephone and in person. They analyze the skills possessed by the candidate and the minimum requirements of the Job Profile. If found up to the mark and if the difference between the salary expected by the candidate and offered by the employer is not very vast, a meeting is arranged between the candidate and the employer. In some cases, even the negotiation of salary is done by the Job Consultancy. The employer thus finds the best person for the post.
Job Seekers can also apply to the Job Consultancies and submit their resumes with them. They are then considered by the consultancy when vacancies in the post applied for are there. Thus, the Job Seekers are saved from the inconvenience of going to the companies themselves. Some Job Consultancies also provide Counseling to the Job Seekers or Job related training. Job Consultancies have become a vital part of the Recruitment Industry. They arrange for the demand of the employers to be met with the supply of the relevant workforce. Thus, they serve both the Employers and the Job Seekers, bridging the gap between them. Share on

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    Well interesting post, I glad to wish all job employees lets have look to this blog here get best and important information its very help us


  • Yes this correct information the recruitment consultancies are performing as a bridge between jobseekers and employers, the best recruitment solution providers support the jobseekers to set their career.


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