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There might be just few people on this globe who do not like watching animated movies. Remember the famous movies like 'how to train your dragon?' or 'Ice Age', all these movies are designed by amazingly talented animators.? The adorned and cherished animation characters are a numerous still images that are manipulated to create an illusion of movement. Not just the kids movies, animators are needed to instill life in action-packed films and video games. There are numerous Animation Jobs available around the globe. So what does it take to be an animator? Read on to find the answer. Animation Jobs Requirements A good mix of natural and technical skills can take you a long way. Most of the employer's prefer candidates with a bachelor degree in animation related fields like computer animation, fine arts, multimedia, etc. The other computer skills required for securing the best Animation Jobs are:

Graphics and photo imaging software
2D and 3D animation software
Model or stop-motion animation
Website design software

What are the roles played by an animator? If you are on look out for reputed Animation Jobs, there are few things you should know about the job. The different functions performed by an animator are listed below:

Designing animated graphics
Planning the camera moves
Producing animations with consistent design and line quality

Digital compositing and editing can also be part of the job depending on the project Where can the role take you? Strong drawing skills with the relevant technical skills can take you the doorstep of different Animation Jobs. Some of them are listed below:

Art director
Animation director
Art designer

The key to secure a good Animation Job is to have excellent technical knowledge about the different arenas of animation. Keeping yourself updated with latest technological developments in the field of animation is very essential. Go grab the numerous Animation Jobs awaiting you! Share on

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