Get Hired With The Help of Social Media

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The humongous web of the social media has covered the entire globe. More than half of the global populace has an access to the internet. The youth is the highest in number that spends 2-3 hours on the social media on an average. Social media is often seen as the entertainment tool for busting the pent-up stress. It is filled with the memes, vines, images, GIFs, infotainment, and much more to keep you entertained. What more…more yes there is more to it. Interestingly, now social media is now also helping in getting a job! It might sound astonishing but it is the truth.

In the era of technology, the companies and organizations are making the best use of the social media to attract the job seekers. The modern-day job searching method has entirely transformed the procedure of applying for the job and getting shortlisted, kudos to the social media! Continue reading to know how you can be hired through the social media.

Social Media- Professional Networking and Job Postings   
In the present-day scenario, many things are shared online. Utilizing the power of social media, a majority of companies are posting the vacancies on the famous platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. by creating their company pages. By providing a single link and circulating it, a job opportunity is created for a large number of job aspirants. You need to keep a check on the social media pages of different companies and join various employment groups to stay informed about all these postings made by the potential employers.

The social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the widely used platforms when it comes to job hunting. These three social networking sites are regarded as the platforms where different employers and employees connect with each other to gain some extra information before the interview. A major reason behind the high usage of these social networking sites is that no job vacancy posted here is forged. All vacancies can be viewed on a company’s Facebook page, Twitter handle, or LinkedIn profile. If you have an account on any of these then there’s a higher chance of receiving the notifications and updates of the job openings in India.

Quick Tips & Hacks For Getting Hired Through Social Media
To get hired through the social media, you should become a social media bee so that you can stay updated with the latest notifications. Here are some points that you should keep in mind to make your job hunting successful.

  1. Complete accounts- Make sure that all your active accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites have complete information. Incomplete information is a cause of nuisance.
  2. Total Match-up In Profiles- Your information on the Facebook profile shouldn’t contradict the information displayed on the LinkedIn profile. The slightest error can jeopardize the job opportunity, so be careful!
  3. The Usage of The Language- Avoid using slangs, especially in the LinkedIn profile. Moreover, one should use proper language or else the ‘cool’ language might give a false impression on the recruiter.
  4. Search & Connect- As said previously, you should be a social media bee and keep on searching the various companies using the keywords and hash tags. Also, connecting with the recruiters and HR professionals can be of great help in landing at your dream job.
  5. Be Professional & Sound Professional- Before pitching any mail to a recruiter, ensure that the language used is appropriate and professional. Do not use any unprofessional email id for sending the emails to the hiring managers. 

Today, Social media is playing a significant role in hiring. Roughly, 43% of the employers go through the social media profile(s) of the job applicant before taking any further step. A clear social media account paves a smooth path for getting hired by a company, whereas, an indelicate profile may snatch the opportunity. Thus, by following the above-listed social media tips and hacks, one can easily find a job that pays well.


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