Things To Learn From A Bad Interview

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Interview Tips | Last Updated: 2019-08-01

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No matter how much things go wrong in an interview it is never the end of the world! There is still a good scope of learning from an interview gone bad but many people fail to recognize this. It is every interviewee's worst nightmare. One is in the middle of an interview for a job and all of a sudden, it all starts going wrong. It does not matter if it starts out well, once things start going wrong it feels like there's no way back. However, it is possible to get things back on track and limit the damage during the actual interview. There are also some steps to follow later that one can take after the event to rectify the situation and to move on with the job search regardless of what the outcome of the bad interview is.

  • Send a 'thank you' note: No matter how embarrassed you are because of a bad interview, still email a 'thank you' note to the interviewers. It can't logically make matters worse and is a simple sign of acknowledgement and politeness. If you are really convinced there's no way you've gotten the job, just think of sending a 'thank you' note as an act of closure.
  • Don't suggest new thoughts to the interviewer: The last thing you may want to do after a disastrous interview is to email the interviewers with new thoughts or ideas about the interview topics. The best thing is to invite feedback on why you were not considered on the position and how you can avoid those mistakes in the future.
  • Don't vent online: You may think there's no way in a thousand years the interview can land you the job, but that's still not an excuse to jump on Facebook and rant about the experience. Firstly, you never know, the interviewers may still be considering your candidature and therefore may be monitoring your social media presence to see if you behave professionally online. Secondly, other employers may be checking your online profile.

The best way to recover from a bad interview is to move on. If you genuinely think that the bad interview is a lost cause even after you have followed the above steps, you should not give up on the job search completely. You should focus on how to improve the interview technique. Even a bad interview can be worth something if learning from the mistakes helps you to ace the next interview. Share on

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