4 Steps For Freshers To Ace An Interview

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Interview Tips | Last Updated: 2011-06-16

An interview is basically seen as a question-answer round by many freshers who get nervous thinking about their performance. But it is actually not so. With some smart preparation, any fresher can turn it into a good opportunity for learning and ace the interview with flying colors. Some of the steps that you need to take are:

Step 1 Know About The Skills Required V/S The Ones You Have

Every company requires a certain set of skills for a particular position and what they need is a person who can easily fit into their criteria. The most common skills that companies look-out for are Flexibility or Versatility, Analytical/Problem Solving Skills, Skills in time management, ability to take initiatives and also work as a team and communication skills. Also, be prepared for answering questions about your strengths and weaknesses, short and long term career goals, preferred work environment, what you can offer to the employer in terms of your skill-set etc.

Step 2 Research About The Occupation

You can do this by asking the recruiter, understanding the job description, updating yourself on the industry news or asking someone who is working in that line. It will give you a better idea on how to present your skills in a convincing manner about the job-fit.

Step 3 Take Interest In The Organization

You should know everything about the company beforehand. The internet is a good option to read about the company's origins, location, industrial position, organizational structure, industries served etc. It comes across as very positive to the interviewer if you know these facts.

Step 4 Ask Questions At The End

An interview is not a one-way process where you'll be answering questions. Interviewers appreciate it when you ask about the responsibilities of the job, opportunity for growth in the company and most importantly when you will expect them to revert about your results.
By following these simple steps, you not only make it easier for embarking on this journey but also make a wonderful first impression. So just go with full preparation and most importantly carry your confidence with you wherever you go.

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