The Recession-Resistant Jobs in Singapore to Consider

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The last two decades have been a great testament to the fact that the world turns from boom to dust quite frequently. The first recession to have hit Singapore was back in 1985, and then in 1997 by the Asian Economic Crisis, followed by the 2001 Dot Com Crisis and finally the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis.
Recession is undoubtedly the hardest times for job millennial job seekers. With so many recessions lashing at the country, the organizations and companies for hiring have reduced in number.

The present jobs are rife with layoffs and bottle-neck competition. However, there are a few recession-proof jobs in Singapore amid the tension of Coronavirus in 2020 that aren’t any bit affected by the recessions and face far less-competition? Here are some of the hottest recession-resistant Jobs in Singapore to look up to.

Teaching Jobs :
Education serves as the most precious possessions in Singapore, which helps in ensuring that the journey of learning is consistent and remains unaffected. No wonder, why several teachers are looked up to and valued as the most prized employees. If you are in search of a stable occupation and wish to live through this pandemic without facing any difficulties, you can consider taking up the career as an online teacher.

Healthcare Industry :
Having a job in the medical domain is one of the best things during a crisis period. Irrespective of recession or no recession, our bodies are doomed to fall apart sometimes and seeks medical help. Here comes the role of the healthcare organizations and also makes it a recession-proof career that you can think of taking up. The hottest medical professionals comprise pharmacists, physician assistants, nurses, doctors to name a few.

Technology and IT Experts :
Just mull over it, working from the comfort zone of your home would not have been made possible sans the help from your IT and tech friends. From cybersecurity to IT support, this industry is filled with careers and jobs that are expected to stay unaffected despite the instability of the economy. Some of the in-demand tech and IT skills run inclusive of software development, machine learning, and data analysis.

The trending IT jobs are programmers, data analysts, network administrators, and computer system analysts. A handful of other recession-resistant careers in the industry are Software Tester and UX Designer.

Cybersecurity Experts :
Courtesy to the circuit breaker, you can no comprehend the importance of cybersecurity during the global pandemic. The IT and Tech professionals are so valued that CISA or Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency have labelled the cybersecurity experts as the essential workers.

With the surge in scams related to COVID-19, professionals and people around the world have now familiarized themselves with the importance of cybersecurity during the sessions of work from home.

Delivery Services :
It is not unknown that the courier and delivery services were some of the trending jobs for the people in Singapore during the global pandemic. Irrespective of the bottle-neck competition, the only job requirement for courier and delivery services were good transportation, and it was given and available to almost anyone.
With everyone locked in during the COVID-19 pandemic, we could all see to the growing demand of the delivery agents who delivered us our essentials and all other goods right at the doorstep.

Finance Related Jobs :
Multiple finance jobs are recession-resistant. However, according to the professionals, the niche positions in the industry are better powered to hold out against the economic downfall when putting in contrast with the other common finance positions. Some of the best finance and safe bank jobs are Finance and Technology or Fintech, debt management counsellors, credit, and accounting.

These jobs in Singapore remains unaffected and happily continue even amidst pandemic and the toughest of recessions. Before deciding to pursue one of these jobs, take a look into its requirements and qualifications. Also, educate yourself on your chosen field before you move forward to fill the form. Share on
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