Recruiters As the Mediator:The Truth About Job Recruiters

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aim of the hiring consultants

Recruiters act as the bridging gap between the candidate and the hiring company. It is the job of the recruiter to hunt for the candidates who fits like a lid to the air-tight jar to the hiring company.

Recruiter and the candidate
While dealing with the recruiters, the candidates need to keep in mind that the recruiter aims at serving the hiring company to the most. The interest of the recruiter lies in the satisfaction of the hiring company. It is not that the recruiters are there to take advantage of the candidates or the recruiters befool the candidates. But the candidates need to adopt the trick of dealing with the recruiters. The candidates ought to assert their own interests while negotiating with the professional recruiters. But, it is not that the recruiters are there to dismantle the candidate's benefits. The candidates and the mediators are not at the extreme ends. Indirectly in the motive of the recruiters lies the very interest of the candidates. The ultimate aim of the hiring consultants is to make the hiring company meet with the apt candidates. When the job is done successfully, all the three parties are benefited.

Recruiters and the hiring company
Recruiters are there to make the companies meet with the candidates perfect for the goals of the set up. To filter the right candidates, the professional recruiters are hired. The recruiters give a list of suitable candidates, and sometimes also scan and take interviews. The interview is to know whether the candidates are interested in the job or not. The hiring companies avail the service of recruiters in two broad ways


In this type of arrangement between the two parties, the recruiters are paid only when the suitable and interested candidates are actually hired. This arrangement is generally for the positions not of very high level. The positions for which candidates can be easily fetched, and the profile does not call for very specialized skills or expertise.


In this mode of payment arrangement, the recruiters are paid a retainer fee in advance. This is to get specialized candidates to high level positions. Even if the recruiters fail to get the right candidate for the executive position, the retainer fee is not taken back. Sometimes the recruiters have to target the specific candidates, and convince him to join the company for which the recruiter is working. The relationship between the recruiters, hiring company and the candidates is that of mutual dependence. The candidates and the hiring companies need to maintain a favorable relationship with the recruiters. The recruiters can be of great help in consorting the candidates and the hiring company complementing one another. Share on

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