On the Job- The Mantra For Effective Communication

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2020-07-31

On the Job- The Mantra For Effective Communication

The need for communicating and interacting with people is an imperative component of any job. In our professional lives there comes numerous occasion when it becomes essential to address a large congregation and elucidate an important point. Many people are panic stricken in such situations. Here, comes the need for excellent and influential communication power.

There are some who are born with exceptional communication proficiency but there is also the probability of mastering the art of communication.

Here are the "mantras", which can guide you to master the skill of communication and be an effective communicator-

  • Survey - As a confident speaker, it is a must that you are clear about the facts and figures. Hence survey / research are mandatory such that you are on no account low on self-confidence and also no one can challenge you.
  • Specificity Of Topic - Being a communicator, you need to keep in mind that while making the presentation you speak on the specific issue. The presentation can be made interesting by quoting examples / incidents, which makes your presentation more credible. It is vital to note that as a speaker if you divert the topic the audience is bound to get confused and loose interest. Hence, it is crucial that the presentation be logically arranged such that all the ideas are effectively communicated.
  • Adopt A Narrative Style - The audience can easily grab and understand your presentation if put forward in a story format. The interest of the audience and their involvement throughout the presentation is also generated by adopting this method.
  • Interesting Introduction And Conclusion - While preparing a presentation keep in mind that the introduction must be very interesting. The introduction needs to introduce the topic appropriately thus catching the attention of the audience. The introduction can be started with a quote, example, etc. The conclusion of the presentation needs to be planned in a way such that sums up the entire presentation. This is beneficial for the audience to who may have missed any point during the presentation.
  • Ensure Audience Participation - Generate the interest of the audience by posing questions.

By executing the above stated points with full confidence / perfection while making presentations at your work place you are sure to win the hearts of the people. Communication is an art and can be mastered with practice and motivation.

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