Bridge Your Employment Gap!

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2018-03-29

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Large employment gaps in your curriculum vitae are very dangerous. And this goes equally for both- the employee as well as the employer. No matter what all the reasons are, the majority of employers will right away dismiss these resumes, giving no second thought. This may seem hard to digest and unfair, but it is a true fact. All this can demoralize anyone but it is also true that the so-called gap can be managed to reflect positively.

So to deal with such a problematic and unpleasant phase in life, here are some effective tips you can use:

Educate Yourself

Grasping from tutorials or getting a certified IT qualification can help you to acquire those skills that employers might be looking for. Whether it's from online or any local community college, further education always does the needful despite your unemployment.

Is Monetary Problem Coming Your Way

Various sources give free seminars along with certified training and theory classes, solving financial worries of serious learners.

Gain Experience

Getting a job is something what you always search for. But until you get it, don't hesitate in doing freelancing or part-time jobs. This will keep your technical skills intact as well as fresh. You will gain on-hand experiences on various aspects of professionalism.

But you must remember that the chosen activity mentioned in your curriculum vitae must reflect why you have done that along with its relevance to the job that you are aspiring for. Also, it is equally important that it must add a great value to yourself as a bright candidate. And for a truly motivated job seeker, there can't be any such terminology like 'Employment Gap'. Such experiences and learning processes will anyway take you on a long ride of success sooner or later! Share on

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