Important Tips for Behavioral Interview

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Interview Tips | Last Updated: 2011-01-13

Interviews are held with the aim to assess whether the candidate has all the required qualifications and qualities before he/she is employed for a particular position. But, now another style of interviewing i.e. behavioral interview is considered an effective way to predict the future behavior pattern of a prospective employee. Behavioral interviews are basically interviews where an interviewee is asked to demonstrate his/her knowledge, skills and abilities by recounting experiences from the past. Like you may be asked "There must have been people in your organization with whom you did not get along well. So how did you deal with people like these? Therefore, be prepared for any type of question that may come your way.

Here are certain tips that should be kept in mind while you are facing a behavioral interview.

  • Be Confident The first and the foremost thing during any interview is that you should be confident and should not get nervous easily. Be ready to face all types of questions thrown at you.
  • Keep a Positive Outlook It's important that when you face any interview, you should sit with a positive mindset. Pessimistic attitude often leads to failure in all your ventures, whereas an optimistic attitude adds to the success in all your projects. Hence, you should be full of positive energy.
  • Give a Suitable Response Your response to all the questions needs to be very specific yet preferred over those who reply in general terms.
  • Cite Relevant Examples Always cite examples from school, class projects, internships etc., which is indicative of your past behavior. It's important to sell yourself to the organization. Most of your examples should clearly indicate that a negative situation ended on a positive note because of your decisions and efforts.
  • Listen Carefully Carefully listen to each and every question. Don't just start blabbering. If you do that, you are sure to make a wrong impression in the eyes of your prospective employer.
  • Look Through the Resume Before you sit for a behavioral interview, browse through your resume. Take a look at your achievements so that it will remain in your mind during the interview process.

This style of interview technique is slowly getting more popular among the organizations. So, it is likely that your next could be of the same pattern. If you keep the above mentioned tips in mind, you are sure to do well.

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  • Admin

    Felon Job Finder

    03 May, 2011 at 12:56 am

    Interviewers are now conducting interviews not just by the skill of that person, but also to see the behavior of the interviewee. Behavior is very important even if you are highly skilled but have a indecent behavior that is not suited for the job, there is a higher tendency that you won't get hired. Thanks for sharing this very great tips.


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