Significant Role of Placement Consultants In Recruitment Industry

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The existence of a Placement Consultants in the Recruitment Industry has given a new hope to both recruiters as well as job seekers. Placement Consultant is a term that was coined for the middleman who matches a job vacancy with the right candidate, as per the requirements of the company. The services offered by Placement Consultants are designed to meet the expectations and requirements of the company by providing them an eligible candidate.

Recruitment Industry, which is one of the highly competitive industries of the world today, is expanding its roots by efficiently meeting the manpower requirements of the society. Experiencing growth at an accelerated pace, this industry provides a platform to the job seekers and employers to meet and bridge the demand-supply gap.

How Do The Consultants Work?

  • Manage different databases of jobseekers and employees as per their eligibility and requirements, respectively
  • Collect and brief the profile of the job such as job responsibilities, desired experience, remuneration etc
  • Go through the database of job seekers registered with them
  • Update database on a day-to-day basis
  • Contact Job seekers via phone, email, walk-ins, etc.
  • Arrange interviews at a convenient place
  • Inform job seekers about the interview schedules and prepare them for the same

Role Of A Consultant For A Employer

  • Give updates about the latest demands in their sector in terms of skills and qualifications
  • Provide candidates as per their requirements
  • Arranging scheduled interviews as per the convenience of the HR manager
  • Help in coordination with the candidates
  • Brief the candidates about the company and its requirements
  • Make the task easier by clearing the subsidiary doubts

How To Identify A Good Consultant?

  • Good inter-personal & communication skills
  • Gauges potential suitability of a candidate for particular job role
  • At the initial stages, handles the responsibilities of the project along with a clear understanding of the terms of employment
  • Maintains follow-ups with the candidate in regard to their progress in the hiring process and even after placement

Placement Consultants have bridged the gap in between the job-seeking candidates and the recruiters by providing countable services in the Recruitment industry. They are not just helpful in match
ing the company's requirements for a particular vacancy with the candidate's profile but also help in briefing the job role, qualification eligibility, salary compensation, etc. that saves a lot of time and money for both parties. Share on

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