Importance of a Great Cover Letter and Resume

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Resume Tips | Last Updated: 2010-03-19

What is the first thing that you are asked for while applying for a job interview? Yes, a resume or CV. Along with a Resume, the other important thing that is a requirement of the current day is a Cover letter.

What is a Resume and Cover Letter?

Resume : It is a document representing your educational and professional qualifications.

Cover Letter : It is a document, mainly sent along with CV that communicates your suitability for the job.

For all those who wish to know what role does a resume and cover letter play, this write up is a apt one.

Whether you are submitting your resume online or in person, it is important to provide a Resume and Cover Letter that has a perfect format. With the world progressing and technologically advancing, companies and placement agencies have started using different software to shortlist or select the Resumes & Cover Letters.

So, these electronic Cover Letters & Resumes need to be designed keeping in mind certain points like:

  • It should contain certain keywords like job titles, etc. through which the software easily searches your document.
  • It should be properly formatted and ensured that the document opens in the same format at the recruiters end as well.
  • The cover letter being the front page should be brief, to the point and informative. It should run in not more than three paragraphs containing largely the educational skills and your interest in joining the concerned job.
  • How your Resume and Cover Letter be framed?

    1. Firstly come out of the shell and try new styles of writing a Resume and Cover Letter. The research shows that the recruiters are now uninterested in the set Resume and Cover Letter formats.
    2. The focus of the resume and the cover letter should be on the achievements and experience
    3. The content should be free from spelling and grammatical errors
    4. The font and style chosen should be simple
    5. It should have only relevant information


  • After going through an attractive and relevant Cover Letter and Resume, the employer builds up interest in you
  • It is your key of getting the desired job
  • A well-designed resume makes your document stand out
  • Thus Resume and Cover Letter are the two documents that will help you acquire a suitable job. So, cautiously design these documents, also you can take the help of a web professional. get an attractive and well-framed Resume and Cover Letter and increase your chances of getting shortlisted Share on

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