Mastering The Interview for Your Dream Job

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Interview Tips | Last Updated: 2010-11-11

Mention a Job Interview and it sends shivers down the spine for all, be it a fresher or an established professional looking for a positive change. These interview blues occur mostly when you are just a few minutes or hours away from your dream job and these blues ruin the interview, leaving regrets for the rest of your life. However, proper and thorough preparation for a job interview can help you in achieving not only professional success but even get you over the fear of proving your mettle and the worthiness for any job.

Prior Preparation
This is an obvious point, when it comes to a job interview, as most of the aspirants are prepared for the interview. However many people often in the stressed out situation tend to forget important documents, details, contact person's name and many other things that add to the nervousness and anxiety.

Make a checklist before leaving for the interview and check if you have completed all the necessary tasks required to be done beforehand. Some things which you must keep in mind before an interview are:

  • Name of the person you are meeting
  • Correct pronunciation of the interviewer's name
  • Address
  • Time
  • Approximate length of time the interview is expected to take
  • Directions to get to the meeting venue

Get familiar with the type of Interview
There are different types of interviews that companies opt to discover varied dimensions of the candidate's personality. These include one-on-one interview, a panel interview or a group assessment activity. Get familiar with the type of interview that you are expected to face. This will act as an added advantage to your performance.

Appropriate Dressing
Understand the kind of work profile you are interviewing for, because different professions have different dress codes. For instance a journalist might look more appealing in a Khadi Kurta, whereas a management trainee would look for ready for his job in formal clothing. Also try avoiding overdressing and adding extra jewelry, deodorant or perfume.

Gather basic information about the company
Ensure that you have basic knowledge about the company, its working and operations along with the name of the CEO or MD. You can avail important information about the company from their website or an annual report or even an advertisement catalog. Also, try and understand the mission, vision and principles on which the organization is built.

Know your resume
Make sure you know each and every world typed in your resume to avoid embarrassment during interview. If things in your resume don't tally with what you say, then this will definitely create confusion; leading to your bad image and will ultimately cost you the job.

Keeping these basic yet important points in mind will surely help you to crack the toughest nut that we call professional job interview. Last but not the least, believe in yourself and have confidence on your worth for the job as t
his will act as further advantage to your academic and personality credentials.

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