Tips to avoid online job scams

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Online Jobs | Last Updated: 2010-03-15

If you are signed up with a placement agency or any placement portal then your Inbox will always be flooded with a number of job offers. In today's world, there is a cut throat competition and the opportunities for jobs are constantly increasing. Mails, classified ads are full of job advertisements. But the dilemma in the minds of the people is that whether the jobs offered online exist in real or not?

As most of such jobs are part of the scams so it is difficult for people to identify the real ones. We will give you ways in which you detect the online job scams.

Spell or Grammar Errors :- This is one of the easiest ways of identifying the job scams; a legitimate firm or recruiter will always ensure that their content is free from spell and grammatical errors. Having such errors in the content raises a question on the credibility of the company.

Billing info :- Billing Details 'Sign up' fee If any of these options is there on the ad or the website then it might be a scam. A company never asks a candidate to pay them money. What they ask for is only your CV.

Contact Details :- Mostly in scam job ads there are insufficient contact details. Address, fax, Email ID is provided them but no phone number is provided then it is possible a case of scam.

Response :-

  • If a number provided is answered by a computer then it might turn out to be a scam.
  • If the call is answered then you must ask questions about their location or the working details, scammers flinch away from these questions
  • The response of the email should be quick and to the point

Besides the above mentioned points also the recruiters always look out for experienced and skilled candidates. Phrases like 'No Experience Necessary' are never to be found on authentic sites or ads. Also, salary details are generally not quoted. Thus after going through our write you will be now able to distinguish scam jobs from the real ones. So, pay due attention towards these mails as it is a wastage of time. Carefully apply for the suitable job. Share on

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