How to ace an interview? Create long-lasting impression on a video interview!

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You may blame the COVID – 19 pandemic or the technology, the entire world is work from home concept now and thus most obviously job interviews are carried out on remote way. Well, when the earth was fine and will be again, video interviews were and will be again a part of cost-cutting strategy for many companies. By all means, you need to be a tech savvy. Get prepared to see yourself on video answering confidently to the questions of the interviewer. This is the only way to make a long-lasting impression on the interviewers.

Video interviews –

Video job interviews can happen in two ways – 1) real time or Live ones, in which you need to face live questionnaire from the interviewer, and 2) pre-recorded interview rounds where you need to answer a bunch of questions from a list. Well, though a few of the interview rules may differ depending on the company and the type of interview, but if you want to ace a video interview and are willing to leave a long-lasting impression on the interviewer, follow these universal rules.

  • Practice, practice and practice : In terms of importance, a video interview is no less than a face to face interview. On a video interview, the interviewer will scrutinize your body language, measure your talent and will identify your confidence level. Tackle it properly! Try to look confident in front of the screen. Practice at home with your family and build up confidence.
  • Dress appropriately from top to bottom : Do you think that when you have no need to go to the office of the interviewer, you can appear in your pajamas in the interview? Absolutely not! Don’t forget to completely dress up formally before sitting for a video interview. Choose soothing colours to look pretty on the screen. How you carry yourself, speaks many things about you!
  • Organize everything properly prior the interview : Where you will be seated to face the video interview keep its surrounding well-organized. Keep the webcam or laptop camera well positioned. Seat at a comfortable position and do not put your laptop on your lap. Keep it on a firm stand. Keep a handy hard copy of your CV, a notebook or paper and a pen ready with you.
  • Make list of the ground rules : Before sitting for the video interview, tell every of your family members and neighbors not to make noise around you or do not disturb you during the interview session. It’s better if you choose a peaceful place for sitting. Keep your mobile phone on silent mode.
  • Make sure all the gadgets work properly : As you are going to face an online interview, make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection. Make sure the WiFi is working at good speed and if possible keep an extra dongle ready with you. These will help you in keeping your cool and avoiding extra tensions.
  • You have an advantage! Use it. : When you are going to attend an interview in a completely unknown place and in a foreign ambiance, it scares you. But here, in a video interview, you are at the comfort of your own place. Enjoy it. Make it your strength!
  • Greet everyone : Though it is a video interview, don’t forget the basic etiquette. Greet everyone present on the site of the interviewer.

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So, when you are following your routine application-making on any popular job portal of India, make your mind ready to face dozens of upcoming video interviews on the row. This will help you in the present situation of the earth and also in the future too.


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