Hiring : Here are 7 Best Job Interview Tips

interview tips for the job seekers

Interviews can be daunting; not only for the interviewee but also for the person taking the interview. The internet is flooded with blogs and articles giving interview tips for the job seekers, but what about the one sitting on the other end. The interviewers are also in dire need to cope up with the interview stress. And when you are a first-time manager, this need only raises a notch higher.

This write-up focuses on the first-time managers and offers some excellent tips that can come handy while they are assigned the job of getting the best human capital for their organization. Be prepared and know these 7 interview tips before you enter the interview room.

Know Your Organization
The potential job seeker may come up with any question during the interview; you need to have a complete knowledge of your organization to answer all those unplanned questions. Have a deep learning of the company and the type of business it does so that you are not tongue-tied in front of the potential candidate.

Study The Profile For Which You Are Hiring
Study the job profile in detail so that you don’t waste your time interviewing the wrong candidate. You need to be aware of the job responsibilities because most of the candidates tend to enquire about the job profile during the interview. Talk to the people who will work with the new hire to know about the roles and responsibilities.

Work On Your Listening Skills
This is one of the main qualities that any first-time manager, who’s taking an interview, must have. You have to work on your listening skills to know what the other person is saying. You need to engage the interviewee in talks to yield more information than what is shown in the resume; and this can be done only when you become a good listener first.

Prepare A List Of Questions
Contrary to experienced managers who know interview questions by heart, you need to have a list of all the important interview questions that entail to the respective job profile. You also need to formulate new questions once you have gone through the candidate’s resume to fetch all the important details.

Set Your Negotiation Limit
You need to be prepared for all the negotiations that come your way. Whether it is about the salary or the vacation leaves, candidates tend to negotiate on everything nowadays; especially the ones with a great skill set. Set your salary bar according to the negotiations so you don’t miss out on great talent because of your stern attitude.

Take Your Time At The Interview
While at the interview, you need to take time to evaluate the person sitting on the hot seat thoroughly. You just can’t rush into an interview. Start with the clichéd introductory and other light questions before you start asking the minute technical stuff. Make the candidate and yourself at ease before getting down to the details.

Pen It All Down
Last but one of the most important parts of taking an interview is to pen everything down. Yes, you are also required to take down notes of what the candidate is saying because let’s face it; you are not a machine to memorize every candidate’s minute details. Take notes of whatever you feel is important in order to have a have a quick reminder of the entire interview process.

These were some of the essential tips for every first-time manager who is appointed on the recruitment task. These tips would help you hire the best candidate for your organization and be instrumental in your personal/professional growth as well. Read them before you head on to your first interview.