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Styles of job interviews differ from company to company. From one-on-one interviews, to telephonic interviews, there has been a paradigm shift in the style with which interviews are conducted these days. Many companies in a bid to save their money and time prefer telephonic interviews over one-to-one or panel interviews these days. Besides, behavioral interviews let the company select the most competent candidate professionally as well personally. Read the write-up ahead to get a quick look on some of the types of interviews that are conducted in the present scenario.

Screening Interview

In this interview, an interviewer confirms the claims made by the candidate regarding his qualifications, abilities and accomplishments. Based on facts mentioned in the resume, the interviewer asks several questions. Candidates not falling in line with these norms are disqualified. Often, screening is done over the phone itself. A lot of thorough study of the resume and understanding of the candidate's profile is required to find inconsistency in the information provided in the resume, if present.

So, for candidates it is a must to put their information in front of the interviewer or in the resume in a straightforward and transparent manner. Be simple and don't cover up for your drawbacks. Answer in a direct manner to the direct question. Don't even think of acting smart by avoiding anything.

Group Interview

It usually comprises of a set of candidates sitting in a room in which they are provided with a controversial topic to debate on, for 25-30 minutes. The judges don't interfere in the proceedings but they observe the candidates peculiarly and assess their performance. In this type of interview, candidates are generally judged from the way they present themselves, the questions put forth by them, expressions, ideas and style of interaction. All a candidate is required to do is interact and participate actively. Apart from this, a judge also assesses the candidate on attributes like leadership qualities, proven abilities, team spirit, interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Informational Interview

Immediate appointment is not the aim of this particular style of interview. The major purpose is to gather information about career and opportunities that are offered. Job hunting through planned networking is what this session or interview basically focuses on. Interaction with people excelling in particular fields can help a candidate in gaining information about a concerned industry. It also helps in developing confidence. Many a times, an informational interview even leads to the appointment for a particular position.

Tag-Team Interview

Two or more employers will form the panel in this type of interview. Both the interviewers will view the candidate's profile from their own angles. As per the skills and personality, the candidates are chosen. A candidate should always keep in mind that different panelists have different agendas of judging and a candidate should suffice both criteria.

These are the types of interviews that are commonly practiced by small and big corporate houses in India.

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