Career In SEO: Good Move Or A Bad Move?

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2018-12-21

career in SEO

Search engine optimization in Google harvesting for over 43 million matches and the acronym SEO delivers 118 million matches. With all this action going on, who can say that career in SEO is a bad move? Moreover, there are innumerable blogs, articles, companies, independent contractors, forums, and many websites that are dedicated to the quest of SEO to yield money one way or the other.

Dated back in the mid-90s, SEO is on its rise as per the reports by Piper Jaffrey Investment Research titled “The User Revolution: The New Advertising Ecosystem and the Rise of the Internet as a Mass Medium.” Plus, it was also unveiled that total search spends to rise from $15.6 billion in 2006 to $44.5 billion in 2011, almost tripling the money within just five years.

To know the blessing showered by SEO as a career field, let’s give it a sincere glance:

You Are A Citizen Of Digi-World

It is hard to deny that in prevailing omni-channel world, SEO is flourishing more and more into a cohesive discipline. Right from the fresh Twitter-Google partnership to the Facebook’s sound execution of Graph Search updates, have a look at them and you will come to know. If you are a zealous soul related to the tech things of the digi world, you are going to find your niche in the spread-out ocean search engine optimization.

You Can Make Good Money

SEO is one such profession, which can be experienced whilst working for a company or as an independent practitioner. I would like to bring you attention towards the fact that the reward for SEO employees is more than that of the designers, developers and marketers. The monthly salary of SEOs in India may touch 1.5 Lakhs. Moreover, the salary of an SEO in abroad may reach for over $80K per annum, which is not surprising at all.

Most of all, you can make even more money as an independent practitioner. There are a lot of freelance sites that have separate sections for SEO service where they are paying for over $50 an hour or more. So, we can imagine how rewarding a career in SEO can be.

You Will Learn More

For anyone who is from the design, development or web administration background, this field might not look very technical and you might feel that you are degraded, but fret not, you can learn a lot. There is a lot of scope to learn for all the talented techie out there who are not degrading themselves, but are upgrading their skills packages.

You Will Cherish A Lot Of Career Options

SEO Intern with monthly compensation of INR 4,000– 6,000
SEO Executive with monthly compensation of INR 15,000-22,000
SEO Specialist with monthly compensation of INR 25,000-40,000
SEO Manager with monthly compensation of INR 45,000-80,000
Head-Search Marketing with monthly compensation of 1 lacs – 1.5 lacs

Wrap Up!

It is very much common with SEO field that many of the search engine optimizers start their career in it not knowing anything about SEO and have stumbled upon here because of their sheer anxiety. But, with this article, I hope you are very much clear about what all career in this field has to shower. Share on

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    Very impressive blog on the topic of importance of SEO services in modern business. It’s very carefully explained here that why one’s business not showing up on Google. Great work & writing skills due to which the facts are know understandable. Thank you for sharing the post.


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