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Software Testing Or Software Development: Which Career Path To Follow?

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2018-01-25

Whilst the layman takes the ‘software testing’ and ‘software development’ as the two peas in the pod, the candidates aspiring to establish their careers in the field of Information Technology (IT) are facing a hard time in deciding between the two. Are you the one besieged by the same issue of differentiating amidst career in software testing vs. software developing? Let me make the task simpler for you by citing the basic tasks and skills displayed by the software developer, and a software tester. Have a read:

Software Developer
A computer programmer enthusiastic about the coding, engineering, installing and maintenance of the various software and software products is basically categorized as the “Software Developer”.

Tasks Of A Software Developer:
As a software developer, you have to take the responsibility of the software or a software product right from the germination of its idea till it’s blooming as a fully-functional program. It majorly includes:
Proposing the idea of a new system/ software based on the research.
Prototyping the program and synchronizing the work with the analysts, designers, and other staff.
Preparing the user manuals relating to the designed program.
Maintaining the program once it goes viral.
Modifying, upgrading or re-engineering the program based on the current needs.

Skills That Every Software Developer Must Possess:
In general, your skills as a software developer will fluctuate as per the demands of the project you’re working on, the technology you’re using, and the company you’re working for. Howbeit the basic skills that you must hold to be a software developer are:
Proficiency in tackling with several sorts of hardware and software.
Acquaintance with the important programming languages likes the C++, HTML, etc.
Familiarity with the traditional technology products like Java, Python, etc.
Eye for detail, and analytical experience.
Ability to work in a team.
Adaptability to the changing technology and needs.

Software Tester
A person who is generally responsible for executing tests regarding the product automation in order to assure that the designed software product will stand up to the mark with the expectations of the company as well as the users are categorized as the “Software Tester”.

Tasks Of A Software Tester:
As a Software Tester, your chores begin right from at the time of verification of the proposed project’s plans until its completion.
Conducting the well-maintained automation tests in an unremitting environment.
Testing the working of each component of the software product in several real life situations.
Examining the product according to the human perspective.
Ensuring the high quality and accuracy of the software till the time, it goes viral.
Assessing the costs an organization needs to spend towards the product quality.
Assisting towards the improvements of the designed software as per the user’s feedback as well as the changing times.

Skills That Every Software Tester Must Possess:
To be a Software Tester, you require a considerable amount of the domain knowledge and a lot of inventiveness. Refer to the basic skills of a good Software Developer:
Knowledge of the assortment of technical tools, techniques, and programs.
The determination to deliver the high-quality solutions that sustain the users’ expectations as well as the industry competition.
Exposure to the various testing software.
Curiosity & attention to details, in order to dig deep into the root of the problems and fetch the necessary solutions.
Comprehension and logic to successfully understand and work in the daunting projects.
Enthusiasm to learn and adapt in the dynamic environment of IT.

I hope all of you are able to figure out the difference between the careers of the software ‘developer’ and the ‘tester’ by now that they are just two teams working together for a single goal, which is to deliver an efficient software product to their organization and the users.

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