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Listening: An Important Aspect of Effective Communication

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2020-07-28

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The human evolution is primarily all about developing skills of language and communication. Communication techniques have been revolutionized during the course of this evolution since ancient ages to the 21st century. Now, it is a commonly accepted fact that effective communication is all about words. However, this is a misleading notion, as facial expressions, non-verbal communication, body language, and oration skills form an equally important part of desirable communication skills. An interesting fact to be noticed is that words constitute just 7% of the effective communication, whereas rest of the 93% is contributed by other no-verbal parts.

One of the most important communication tips is to allow the others to speak first and not rush into making your points first. As the age-old adage goes- 'To master the art of effective communication, one needs to be a patient listener first'. Listening is an art, which is conveniently ignored by people despite the fact that it is an integral part of communication in every sphere of life, be it in a professional environment or personal relationships. Listening is different from hearing, which demands taking genuine attention towards views expressed by others. One must refrain from interrupting the other person while he/she is expressing his/her opinions. This goes a long way in establishing an element of trust and confidence and more often than not, communication turns onto the right track.

For meaningful communication to take place, both parties are required to express their opinions in a candid manner and then come out with a conclusion. It is important to express your disagreements on a somber note, in case you disagree with the viewpoint put forth by others. Effective communication that includes proper listening avoids misunderstanding & disrespect and breeds trust & confidence, apart from strengthening relationships and existing bonds

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