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Best 10 career options to be future-ready and post resume for!

By: Palak Jain | In: Job Apply | Last Updated: 2020-10-03

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Selecting the prosperous career field can keep you away from experiencing discontent while job hunting. There is so much competition for jobs right now and very fewer growth prospects in many industries. That is why it is imperative to find a career track that is rising and not decreasing.

So, what are the best jobs in India? For which job sector you need to post your resume? Well, these questions can be difficult to answer. However, you need to consider the best potential for job growth, stress level, pay, job satisfaction, and other factors.

Let’s take a look at the best 10 career options to work in for future based on these factors.

  • Medical sector : The medical field is ripe with growth potential. Due to the current prevailing pandemic, the administration is fortifying the health infrastructure hence spending more in this field to deal with any eventualities in the future. There will be a great demand for doctors, nurses, pharmacists in near future. Having a relevant career in health care demands precise degrees & certifications and can be pursued from an early stage.
  • Back end developer : Back end developers are the backbone of the development of every mobile application. The whole process of maintaining & structuring technology is done by them. Only the outcome is visible to the user on the front end. Hence it has a great future to head towards too.
  • Banking : This is the backbone of any economy. To devise the Indian economy during this pandemic, the banking sector is on consistent growth where recruitments are obvious to secure future.
  • Information technology : This sector is the lifeline of the modern era. No life can be thought of without the involvement of IT experts. Information technology has grown-up to ten folds within a few years & is constantly growing to unravel the road for a better future for job hunters.
  • Alternate Energies : No need to bid adieu to oil and gas quite yet. We have alternative energies wind power, hydrogen power, geothermal power, and solar power in stock. These will create dozens of new careers options to Post Resume for. Mechanics, plant managers, scientists, engineers, and even sales and marketing professionals are your options to post resume for. This will sparkle up your probability for better profession prospects with central or state government agencies.
  • Digital marketing : Replacing customary marketing patterns, digital marketing has become a leader in providing jobs. It helps to find digital space & visibility for brands to expand their presence. Augmented competition and the craving for companies to find innovative ways of discriminating their products and services will make certain that marketing professionals remain in high demand.
  • Financial analyst : Our economic times have established a need for sound financial advice and planning, for both persons and business. As our country’s fiscal future turns out to be less predictable, financial analysts will retain to be in demand.
  • Machine learning : Machine learning is a process machines are designed to make out things more humanly & sharply. These days virtual assistance is mandatory, making the artificial learning & machine learning in demand. Machine learning is the future of technology to plan your future as well.
  • Robotics : Research says, by 2025 almost 30% of human-based jobs shall be replaced by robots. Rings an alarm? Well, this is the future. To have an immense future, it’s time to be part of a growing future. In India, the industrial robotics market is believed to grow significantly in 2020.
  • Cyber Security : The budding trend of online banking, transactions, data storage etc, has put the user in vulnerable frauds or cybercrimes. Hence, rise to the demand of cybersecurity experts has upsurge

As per a recent study by the end of 2020, there will a flood of Cybersecurity jobs. With the growth of modern-day banking & inducing technology in the banking sector, cybersecurity has gained all the most priority in India, as well as other countries.The world is changing & so are careers. Make sure you choose the right career for a better future.

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