3 Rules For Following Up With A Recruiter

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting | Last Updated: 2018-07-09


When you are in search of a job you tend to make a lot of mistakes. Sticking more than required to your recruiter might land you nowhere. It can turn out to be negative. Your passion and need for a job are the driving factors that force you to commit such mistakes. It is very necessary to be in touch with the recruiter but that doesn't mean overdoing it. The job of the recruiter is to organize an interview for you only if you are eligible for the job. If they have a vacant position suitable for you they will contact you. So, unnecessary disturbing the recruiter with your mails might annoy them.

Feedback: After you submit your resume at the office or have gone through a preliminary interview rounds, the further course of action depends on the feedback from the companies.

The reaction from the companies is often delayed due to various reasons:

  • Need for that position is not that urgent
  • The person responsible for giving the final decision is not present in the city

These factors slow down the recruitment process. The recruiters are not to blame for this.

Do not take hasty steps Most of the time, the recruiters provide you with a deadline by which they will get back to you. If they do not contact you there is no need to worry or do things in haste.

  • Do not Frequently Call up your recruiter
  • Do not email them often
  • Do not visit their office

All these things might irritate the recruiters and the tables could be turned.

Thing to do: Politely call once in a two-three week and ask about the interview process You should post an email to the recruiter once or twice a month

Thus it is important to follow-up with the recruiter but paying more than needed attention towards them can spoil your case.

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