Why Bad Reviews Are Not Always So Bad

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If you were to ask this question ? Why bad reviews are bad for business? ? to people, 9 out of 10 of them would be sure to express surprise as to why this question was asked at all. After all, everybody knows that bad reviews can damage the reputation of any business and cause the potential customers to turn to other alternatives. Though this is true to an extent, there are many good things about bad reviews too.

Why Bad Reviews Are Not Always So Bad
Contrary to popular opinion, Negative reviews can be treated as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve the problem areas in your business. By handling bad reviews in a positive manner, a business can earn a good reputation for offering excellent customer service. Specifically speaking, some of the positive points about negative reviews are mentioned below:

Only Good Reviews Raise Suspicion About The Business - Everyone knows that a product or service cannot please everybody. One or the other person always tends to complain. This is why people do not trust businesses, which only have positive reviews from clients. Therefore, it would be right to say that some negative reviews with a host of positive ones help in establishing the credibility of a business.
Handling The Bad Reviews Efficiently Can Help You Win New Customers - A successful business is one that never leaves out any opportunity to attract new customers. Bad Reviews offer an excellent opportunity to businesses to turn around disgruntled customers and transform them into loyal ones. All you need to do is offer them excellent post sale services. In fact, as per recent research, it was found that 18% of customers who got a good response from a brand went on to become repeat customers. Not only this, as much as 91% of customers recommend a brand to others in their peer group if they received excellent customer service.
They Offer An Opportunity To Do Damage Control Before It's Too Late - By analysing the negative reviews of customers, a business can get a fair idea about the aspects that are attracting criticism. Thus, it can take timely action to fix the problems and ensure that these do not snowball into a disaster.
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