How to Remove A Bad Review From Google Maps

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2017-11-07

Today, most of the people you see around are tech savvy and make use of Internet for a host of activities on a regular basis. From being utilized for networking, e-commerce, online bill payments, to job search, etc .the Internet has proved to be a useful tool today. How many times have you yourself logged on to the web to read online reviews before buying a product or availing some services? Online reviews have gained much importance today. They have the power to make or break a business's reputation.

Many people today depend on Google Maps for getting a fair about local businesses and their products and services. Google Maps is useful application offered by Google that, among other things, also provides user ratings and reviews about local businesses. However, with the growing popularity of Google Maps and its use for influencing potential customers, many malicious entities have started using this for spreading unwarranted rumors about their competitors. In case, you too are a victim of such behavior, do not worry and read on to find how you can tackle this nuisance.

Tips On How To Remove Bad Reviews From Google Maps

  • When you come across bad reviews on the Internet, contact the person who posted the review and find out why he is disgruntled. Listen to what he/she has to say and offer effective solutions accordingly. Ask them whether they are happy with the solution, and if not find out what they expect from the company. Try to reach a common ground and an amiable solution to the problem in hand. Once a problem has been resolved, ask the client whether he is willing to remove the negative review from Google maps. Most clients will be willing to do so once their problems have been resolved.
  • An effective way to push down the bad reviews is by posting more positive reviews. However, it is important to note that too many positive reviews in less time can trigger a spam response from Google. To avoid this, it is important to ensure that the good reviews are posted over a span of time.

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