5 Most Common Job Search Mistakes

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Search Tips | Last Updated: 2011-05-05

With a rapidly growing world economy, the job market has witnessed unprecedented growth. With the ever-increasing skilled human resources, there is no dearth of qualified job seekers either. This has led to equilibrium in the market and with the increasing competition, job searches are being conducted aggressively by the job seekers.

However, the job search techniques employed by majority of the job seekers, remain doubtful. Most candidates base their job searches, either on their own knowledge or word of mouth. Consequently, there are a few specific Job Search Mistakes committed by the job seeker, which threaten to jeopardize their chances of clearing an interview. Listed below are the few common mistakes committed by the job seekers:

Limited Resume Versions

Most candidates rely on a general resume for various jobs searches. This usually does not work, as the candidates fail to read the mind of the employer through the job notifications. Job seekers must try to highlight their specific strengths as required for the job.

Lack Of Research On Potential Employers

The most important aspect of a job interview is to identify the right employer who can make the most of your skills. Most candidates forego this aspect just to land a job conveniently. The job seeker must search for the job with which he can identify and put his skills to appropriate use. Also, the complete business of the potential employer must be researched thoroughly to see where you fit in.

Showing Up Under Prepared For An Interview

Interviews put forth the exact profile of the job seeker in front of the employer; hence preparing well for the interview is a prerequisite. However, the job seekers conveniently tend to overlook this important aspect. Researching on the company, its business endeavors or its policies go a long way in creating a positive impression on the interviewer.

Giving Importance To Salary From The Beginning

We all want to be paid well, don't we? However, since when did the pay package become an obsession? Cribbing or laying too much emphasis on the salary right from the word go creates a negative impact on the interviewer and reveals your restricted vision towards compensation.

Job Hunt for Different Profile

There is fetal, yet growing trend amid candidates of finding jobs at different profiles, than they have actually planned for. Finding jobs at different profile is likely to spoil your career plan, and at the same time it leads wastage of time.

Such mistakes can be dangerous in the early as well as latter phase of anyone's career. So, one must tread cautiously while taking all these aspects into account to successfully land up in a job of their dreams.

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