Relevance of a Consumer Review and Complaint

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"I have been to that fashion store; their collection is outdated". Such verbal exchanges are usual between family members, friends, relatives and even acquaintances, whenever there is a shopping plan hatching up. This is a sort of direct consumer review from one person to another, and may be greatly influential in shaping up perceptions. Based on whether a close associate finds a shopping store amazing or useless, one may decide to visit it or not. Today, when e-commerce forms the spine of market transactions, all over the world, online consumer reviews and complaints enjoy even more prominence and are furnished on several platforms in an organized manner.
Consumer Reviews & Complaints: How Do They Matter?
1. Primarily, customer reviews serve as word-of-mouth marketing agent. Positive feedback plays a crucial role in building a favorable image for any organization, instilling a sense of confidence in prospective buyers and ensuring that lead conversion goes on unabated. PlacementIndia, a web portal owned and managed by Weblinkindia.Net, is a classic example of how favorable consumer reviews can help a company reach the pedestal in its industry. PlacementIndia Review is just one case; there are many more such examples.
2. Online consumer reviews and complaints may also serve as the bitter pill for sellers and service providers. Negative feedback is like the mirror that reflects the flaws and enables the companies get rid of them. Feedbacks from the customers are instrumental in gauging client satisfaction and making relevant amends in the system if faults exist.
3. Most importantly, Consumer Reviews and Complaints guide the prospective buyers and enable them make an informed buying decision. Studies show that online shoppers rely heavily on the testimonials and customer feedback, when they are shopping for the first time on any online store. In the light of this finding, the relevance of consumer reviews and complaints cannot be undermined, at all.
4. Consumers' voices must be heard, whether they are in appreciation or denunciation of a product or service. This is the basic idea with which several platforms allow online shoppers to post free reviews and feedback over the internet. At the same time, there is a concern as well. Marketers may resort to unethical practices such as posting fake reviews, or even maligning competitors' image by circulating false complaints online. So, we need to use our own discretion to establish the authenticity of reviews and complaints. Share on

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