Top Personal Qualities Judged By Job Interviewers

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An employee is considered the biggest asset of any organization, having the power to manage other assets of the company in the most efficient manner. Nowadays, many companies are recognized in the market, solely because of the talent pool that they have. To create such a pool, a Job Interviewer has to measure a candidate's suitability on several parameters. Here, we outline the Top Personal Qualities that they are looking out for when conducting an interview.

Correct Professional Image

The appearance of a candidate is a powerful feature that defines their personality. It is always necessary to create the right impression by dressing appropriately and observing professional etiquettes. This can be a make or break factor in the interview, where a professionally dressed candidate has better chances of being viewed favorably than a candidate with casual clothing and attitude.

Good Work Ethics

A good employee is adjudged to be someone who along with having a sufficiently independent mindset, conforms to good ethics while on the job. These Work Ethics are basically the benefits that you bring to the organization.

Following are the things that an interviewer looks out for:

? A self-starter with a fast learning ability
? Motivated by hard working people
? Socially responsible
? An ability to multitask
? Avoiding resource wastage at work
? Willingness to put in extra hours of work without caring about the
? Quality of Work-related, free time activities

Clarity of Thought

Job Interviewers are evidently looking for an employee having a clear thought process, which is reflected in their stability with an organization. Many questions asked by them revolve around the reasons why they had to leave their last job, their relationship with the ex-employer and their keenness to join the current profile. The future career plans and what the employee ultimately wants to achieve in his/her professional life is equally important.


Recruiting an employee is an effort-intensive process in which Job Interviewers really grill the employees; regarding their loyalty to the company they will work for. This is done by gauging their interest in the company, knowledge about the company and an ability to stay with the company even in the face of difficulties, considering that they have a good growing opportunity.

Some common questions asked relating to this:

  • How long do you want to work for us?
  • Are you applying to other companies?
  • Can you put the organization's goals in front of your interests?


committed an employee is to the company matters in the long run, while commitment towards day-today tasks determines their efficiency. Below mentioned are some points regarding an employee's diligence that the Job Interviewer expects in a potential employee:

  • Good adaptability
  • Persistency in efforts
  • Determination to get a job done
  • Ability to give precise results
  • Ability to organize well
  • On-time and successful completion of tasks/projects

Co-operative Nature

Employees are judged for their ability to perform in a team or group, by willing to co-operate as per the guidelines and adding to team cohesion. They should be able to perform well in different roles or positions within a team without any hassles. This quality can also reflect in the employee's personal life and sometimes the Job Interviewer may indirectly ask questions about their co-operative behavior.

Stress management

While every candidate vouches for the hard work done by him/her, it is rare to find employees who can keep their calm during high-stress situations. Handling stress efficiently is undoubtedly a good quality, which has a direct impact on the performance of the employee. Interviewers are always looking for people who will be able to contribute as much during conditions of stress as they do at other times.

Emotional Intelligence

Apart from evaluating the professional competency of a potential employee, interviewers are always on the lookout for people who will add value to the team by a high level of Emotional Intelligence. It implies that the employee will be able to work successfully in a team, can properly channelize the negative emotions arising due to various reasons and will show a high level of maturity in every situation.

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