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The Biggest Employee Management Mistakes Every Bad Leader Makes

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Leader Talk | Last Updated: 2018-07-12


Effective employee management has changed from the times when management was centralized and managers were used to 'bossing around' with others. In today's highly competitive scenario and increasing work pressure, even the most peaceful work environment can leave the employees dissatisfied if the managers are not proactive towards handling every situation. This article discusses the worst mistakes that managers can make while dealing with the employees.

  • Not clarifying the goals and what exactly the organization demands from the employees. When you clearly lay out the goals and how their endeavors are fitting into the big picture, then you are opening up the window of encouragement while establishing their worth.
  • Humiliating Employees in front of others or talking negatively about other team members behind their back.
  • Thinking that people are aware of the reasons behind your decisions.
  • Discuss problems and solutions and not implement them. This leaves the employees more dissatisfied than ever.
  • Practicing the Halo Effect or in other terms, praising someone excessively just because of the one good quality that they have. This negates the opportunities where such employees can improve themselves.
  • Giving mixed signals and sandwich feedback. This is an unproductive way that further confuses the employee regarding his/her performance. You never know how one might take it-either blowing out the good or the bad points out of proportion as per their perspective.
  • Negligence in giving feedback is another mistake that gives rise to many sore issues about which the employees are often clueless.
  • Not addressing through constant one-on-one conversations.
  • Rewarding on a collective basis. While it's true that collaborative efforts are the reason behind every project, yet you should consider the individual preferences of the employees while deciding how to give back for their special efforts.

The most common mistake is to take everything for granted because while working with so many different individuals at one place you cannot afford to underestimate anyone person's reaction. If these mistakes are avoided, then not only does the workers' productivity improve but it also lets the managers have less stress on their hands as compared to those who are not able to identify and rectify the problem areas.

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