Software Testing As A Career For A Fresher

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What Follows Is A List Of The Essentials Required To Get Your Dream Software Testing Job.

Required Certifications
If you are a fresher seeking for a software testing job, then ISEB foundation course in software testing is a must. Clearing the foundation course has become so necessary that some of the companies have clearly mentioned the ISEB certification as the minimum requirement for applying for the job in the organization.

Choose Your Niche, But Know Everything They say it’s better to lead one than mastering none. In order to be the one that companies seek you have to be a specialist in some or the other software testing techniques. There are three different niches from which you can choose the one you are interested in. Manual Testing manual testing, the tester has to test the software an end-user. This involves the tedious procedure of testing each and every feature of the software to find out the potential bugs. Automatic Testing this method of testing, the tester checks the software by automating the tasks through writing scripts.

This is one of the most cost-effective methods of software testing and saves the time of the tester as the process is automatic. Performance Testing the performance testing the software is evaluated against some workload to determine the responsiveness, and load capacity of the software. Show Confidence The tip might come as little basic, but to nail that software testing interview you can’t afford to discount on the magic dust of confidence. Sitting there quietly and nodding to everything that that interviewee is saying might take you to nowhere. While every idea of yours might not be accepted, but sharing your ideas and observing how people are reacting to it will tell, is the company you are trying for is right for you or not.

Keep Networking Develop network with the like-minded people who share the same passion for software testing. Connect with your neighbors, college mates, influencers, and experts in your niche to know how the software testers work and think. From reading the theory to trying the practical, do everything you can to know more about the role of a software tester.

Write A Kick Resume And Cover Letter Now the most important and often overlooked element of the job search- “The Cover letter and the Resume”! For the company that has been receiving several resumes from variegated job seekers that may or may not have applied for the relevant job, it is rare that the employer would go through each and every resume. Before sending your resume for the job, customize it exclusively for the job you seek and send it along with a kickass cover letter. Also, instead of sending your application to each and every recruiter, send it to few but relevant ones.

It will increase your chances of hearing back from the employer soon. That said, as more and more companies have started gaining the benefits of testing (before release lower down the cost of fixing the bug), the hiring of software testers has increased in past few years. The profession offers quality jobs and satisfying salary package to the Freshers, all you need is the required passion into software testing and development. Share on

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